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ROTOR – Powersme!

ROTOR Bike Components develops components for roadbikes and mountainbikes and is especially known for high-quality power meters, cranks, chainrings and bottom brackets. The patented Q-RINGS oval chainrings are the reference in pedaling efficiency thanks to their unique system and adjustability. As a new development recently came modular direct mount cranks for road and mountainbike, as well as the Rvolver hub with a friction-free freewheel added. » Read more

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ROTOR Bike Components, with development and manufacturing in Madrid / Spain, is one of the innovative forces in cycling and has a long tradition as a manufacturer with numerous pioneering patents for racing and mountainbike components. Research and development in spain, as well as manufacturing and quality testing, are subject to the strictest requirements. All products are manufactured on state-of-the-art facilities in the factory in Madrid.

Core products such as Q-RINGS oval chainrings are therefore not replicas of existing systems, but patented references for this component range and offer systemic features and options not found on similar components. Depending on the model, Q-RINGS offer several adjustment options for the ovality of the crank arm and can even theoretically be adjusted in degrees for direct mount systems. The unrivaled adaptation system with the accompanying 30-day guarantee for a smooth return in case of non-compliance is also a guarantee for the high quality of this technology. It should be noted, however, that numerous victories in high-level professional races also go to the account of Q-RINGS and drive the world elite in the triathlon with more than 50% share of oval chainrings from ROTOR. Especially in mountain biking, Q-RINGS are also of great value, as they additionally improve traction on volatile ground and can provide more propulsion through the optimized torque on steep climbs.

Powermeters are another very important product in the ROTOR portfolio. The product range offers road bike and mountain bike one-sided as well as double-sided measuring power meters with very high accuracy and an extremely powerful software. A special feature is the protected integrated power measurement in the axle. Dual-sided measuring power meters such as the 2INpower and 2INpower MTB models additionally feature sensors in the crank arm and have additional functions that can significantly improve personal performance in the performance and efficiency evaluation. The high compatibility with almost all frame types and combination with existing groups like e.g. Shimano and compatible, SRAM and Campagnolo as well as the use with many chainrings from other manufacturers. Of course, all ROTOR power meters are also compatible with Q-RINGS. The use of Q-RINGS on ROTOR power meters is doubly sensible, because the athlete benefits from the professional software and can set the chainrings perfectly.

With the modular cranks RHawk and RRaptor (MTB) introduced in 2017 as well as the ALDHU 3D + (road bike), which has also been developed from the ground up, ROTOR offers not only the large standard range of classic cranks with Spider but also direct mount systems of the highest quality and extremely low assembly costs. Chainrings in the Onepiece design (oval and round) are further proof of the high innovative power of the ROTOR brand.