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BORN Block Carbs, Magnesium & Caffeine - Chewable Tablets - 16 pcs.

BORN Block Carbs, Magnesium & Caffeine - Chewable Tablets - 16 pcs.


For the extra boost you need

BORN BLOCK is a chewable tablet with a unique blend of carbohydrates, caffeine and magnesium. BORN BLOCK is energy to go: an energy boost to use anywhere, at any time for every moment. Especially the tough ones! With sugar und sweeteners.

Highlights of BORN BLOCK

  • Caffeine for extra fitness and alertness
  • Magnesium supports the muscle function
  • Perfect as an in between boost
  • Strawberry / Lemon flavor
  • Easy on the go



Magnesium is a mineral that contributes to a normal protein synthesis, a normal functioning of the muscles and a proper electrolyte balance. In addition, magnesium contributes to the reduction of fatigue.


Caffeine is a stimulant. Caffeine is quickly absorbed in the blood; half of it is already absorbed within 3 to 4 minutes after eating or drinking. You will experience the effects within 0.5 hour to 2 hours after having a coffee or caffeine drink. An amount of caffeine comparable to 1 or 2 cups of coffee (160 mg) has a stimulating effect on adults’ concentration and performance. It gives a feeling of increased energy and dispels feelings of fatigue. Caffeine also slightly improves memory, alertness and motivation. Larger quantities do not result in a bigger effect. For athletes, caffeine can support longer periods of exercise.

Drinks with caffeine simply provide fluids to the body. It is often thought that drinks with caffeine are diuretic. That is not true. The body does not lose more fluid by drinking coffee, for example. Caffeine only ensures that the fluid leaves the body faster, because it stimulates the kidneys.


Chew tablets during performance, up to a maximum of 10 tablets per day. Use with sufficient quantities of fluid.

This product should be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. Store in a cool, dry place.
Flavor: strawberry/lemon
Included in delivery: box with 16 chewable tablets

Fact Sheet of BORN Block Carbs, Magnesium & Caffeine - Chewable Tablets - 16 pcs.

Product Name: BORN Block Carbs, Magnesium & Caffeine - Chewable Tablets - 16 pcs.
Manufacturer: BORN
Item Code: BOR102127
Organic: No
activity: Nutrition
food type: Carbohydrates, Caffeine / Guarana, Vitamins / Minerals
food properties: Vegan, Vegetarian, Lactose-free, Gluten-free, Nut free, Palm oil free
taste: Sweet
after/during/before: During
Supplement type: Chewable Tablets
content: 64g
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
weight: 64g
Manufacturer page:

Food Information for "BORN Block Carbs, Magnesium & Caffeine - Chewable Tablets - 16 pcs."

List of Ingredients: Dextrose, sucrose, xylitol, magnesium citrate (4.9%), maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, caffeine (1.1%), acidulant (citric acid), flavoring
Nutritional Information: per 100 g

energy: 1317 kj (314 kcal)

fat: 2,3 g
- from which saturated: 1,2 g

carbohydrates: 71,1 g
- of which sugars: 71,1 g

fibres: 0,5 g

protein: 1,1 g

salt: 25 mg
Caffeine: 1,1 % (1,1 g / 100 g | 44 mg per tablet)
High caffeine content. Not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.