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BORN: "Cycling is in our DNA... Since always!

BORN was founded in 1985 and manufactures products for sports supply and sports nutrition. Dr. Wim Jennen, a pharmacist and recognised cyclist, put his knowledge and skills into practice. Since its foundation more than 30 products have been developed. The range includes energy bars, effervescent tablets, beverages, food supplements and personal care.

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Sports Nutrition for Top Athletes & Amateur Athletes since 1985

BORN's story began in 1985 in Born, a village in the Dutch province of Limburg. Two pharmacists, one of them amateur cyclists at the highest level, strove to develop the next generation of sports nutrition. They developed a variety of nutritional products such as energy bars and gels, hydrogenating sports drinks and regenerative protein products. In addition, they developed a complete line of body care products for athletes. Since 1985, BORN has provided professional top athletes and recreational athletes with a complete package for training and competition.

From Drinks, Gels, Regeneration and Energy Bars...

The current product range is still developed in close cooperation with cycling professionals, runners and triathletes. BORN is known for its extremely effective products, perfect and above all not too sweet tastes and easily digestible products. Currently, the portfolio includes various energy and protein bars that are easy to chew even during high exertion. In addition, BORN develops gels and drinks that ensure optimum performance even after several hours on the bike. So you are always supplied with sufficient energy and fluid. A particularly innovative product is the isotonic sports drink Iso Pro+ with Peptopro®, which has a regenerative effect even during sports thanks to its balanced carbohydrate, protein and mineral composition. BORN's Super Liquid Gels with a 2:1 glucose/fructose mixture increase your carbohydrate intake to 90 g instead of 60 g per hour. And with Watts&Minerals electrolyte effervescent tablets with Watts'Up® with Watts'Up® you can make a calorie-free mineral drink

... to Body Care Products for Athletes: BORN is always there for you.

In order for you to be able to achieve maximum performance at all times, besides the right energy supply, it is just as important that you feel comfortable in your body. This is where BORN's body care products make a difference. For ambitious cyclists, nothing works without chamois creme: BORN NO FRICTION CREAM protects sensitive skin from skin irritations caused by aggressive sweat and friction. With the START UP Stimulating Oil you support the blood circulation of your muscles and prepare yourself optimally for the competition. And so that you can rely on your body even in unpleasant temperatures, the PROTECT OIL protects it from cooling down with a water-repellent insulating film.

You are born to push limits. BORN has got your back.

BORN knows exactly that you want to achieve the goals you set yourself. And that the way there is paved with pain and suffering. BORN knows the adventures on the way to your personal victory.