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Campagnolo Chorus Groupset 2x12-speed - Mechanical Rim Brakes

Campagnolo Chorus Groupset 2x12-speed - Mechanical Rim Brakes

The introduction of the Chorus 12-speed groupset is a further example of a high-performance drivetrain specifically for an already large group of users wanting a top level yet versatile product. Those who appreciate Campagnolo top-of-the range functionality have always loved the Chorus model for its excellent price-performance ratio.

No compromises have been made in this extension of the characteristics and main advantages of Super Record and Record 12-speed groupsets to the Chorus 12-speed. In addition to this, the Chorus series also offers a Ultra Torque 48/32T crankset, this together with a 11-29T, 11-32T or even 11-34T dedicated cassettes makes Chorus the ideal groupset for those wanting a multi-purpose cycling experience.

As per tradition, the use of different materials and consequent little additional weight, together with a rear derailleur redesigned to house larger cassettes are the main elements that make it different from the Super Record 12-speed and Record 12-speed groupsets

The mechanical Campagnolo Chorus 2x12-speed groupset with mechanical rim brakes consists of:
  • Chorus Ultra-Shift Ergopower 2x12-speed
  • Chorus Ultra-Torque Carbon crank 2x12-speed
  • Chorus front derailleur 2x12-speed
  • Chorus rear derailleur 2x12-speed
  • Chorus Skeleton Dual Pivot Brakes
  • Chorus cassette 12-speed
  • Chorus chain 12-speed
Hubs and bottom bracket cups are not included. These can be ordered separately.

Chorus Ultra-Shift Ergopower 2x12-speed

The fantastic ergonomics that over the years have become a sort of calling card for Campagnolo have been even further improved with the latest introduction of Super Record and Record 12-speed drivetrains. Not just ergonomic but also customizable, this standard is embodied in the design of the Chorus levers. Apart from the brake lever, made from aluminium but with a coating that enhances its finish and its feel, Chorus Ergopower are almost identical to those on the Super Record and Record controls. Ergonomic characteristics, such as the design of the brake lever hoods, the design of the brake levers and bigger gear levers, team with characteristics that make the shape of Ergopower controls unique for cyclists’ needs. The various positions possible for Ergopower controls mean they adapt better to different hand sizes. Campagnolo’s tried and tested one-lever-one-action philosophy ensures no-confusion control, regardless of the cycling conditions or the cyclist’s position. The Ultra-Shift mechanism controls the 12-speed rear derailleur, letting the rider shift up by up to 3 sprockets and down by up to 5 sprockets in a single movement.

Chorus Rear Derailleur 2x12-speed

The mechanical Chorus rear derailleur benefits from the same technology and design of top-end Campagnolo products, incorporating the sophistication and performances of the 12-speed Super Record and Record. With just a few changes in the materials used for its construction, like the external plate and derailleur cage in aluminum, the Chorus version produces exactly the same performance as the two more expensive groupsets with the addition of just a few extra grams. Chorus brings with it the same technology as the next level up, like the new optimized trajectory on bigger cassettes and fantastic 3D EMBRACE technology. The latest evolution in Embrace technology not only keeps the rear derailleur vertically aligned in the perfect position for each sprocket, it now makes the upper pulley wheel advance perfectly in the direction the bike is advancing. 3D EMBRACE technology and 12-teeth pulley wheels makes this rear derailleur suitable for all cassettes as the distance stays optimum on each individual sprocket, regardless of the cassette selected.

Chorus Front Derailleur 2x12-speed

The precise, extremely fluid movement of the Campagnolo Chorus 2x12-speed front derailleur is achieved in part thanks to its design and construction. The Chorus derailleur incorporates the same design that separates the upper from the lower semi-rod, eliminating the free stroke for more immediate, responsive upshifting. Design of the 2x12 speed front derailleur and its trajectory angle mean wide tires measuring up to 32 mm can be used, while the design of the cage and dedicated positions for each gear position ensure extremely precise and fluid derailleur performance.

Chorus Ultra-Torque Carbon Crank 2x12-speed

The 2x12-speed Chorus crankset is a true concentrate of technology and versatility. Technically advanced thanks to unidirectional construction technology in carbon fiber, it is produced directly molded without any surface coating and features an Ultra-Torque steel spindle like the Record crankset. It is versatile thanks to its bolt circle diameter of 123 mm, while giving it an extreme-performance structure, also ensures a greater variety of applications. The smaller BCD on the Chorus crankset makes it compatible with 52/36, 50/34 and with 48/32T chainrings.

Chorus Skeleton Dual Pivot Brakes - 2020

The versatile and in terms of power transmission high-performance 12-speed Chorus components can still be combined with classic rim brakes. They offer powerful yet modular braking performance, ensuring excellent levels of control. In combination with Chorus 2x12-speed levers they will guarantee safe, powerful, modular braking performance while being compatible with tyres up to 28mm wide.

Chorus Cassette 12-speed

The Chorus 2x12-speed groupset is fully compatible with the cassettes launched with the Super Record and Record 2x12-speed groupsets (11-29T and 11-32T) and it introduces a new cassette specification that will benefit the entire range of 12-speed mechanical drivetrains. The 11-34T cassette in fact offers cyclists even more versatility and greater choice and autonomy in terms of available gears. Mechanical groupsets with 12-speed transmission now therefore offer a total of three cassette options (11-29, 11-32, 11-34).

Chorus Chain 12-speed

In order to guarantee impeccable, reliable performance even with bigger cassettes, precision shifting by front and rear derailleurs has seen design of a 12-speed chain entailing huge research and development efforts to make it as reliable and long-lasting as an 11-speed chain, despite being narrower than the latter. The 12-speed Chorus groupset benefits from a special chain that ensures the same reliability and the same performance levels as that of the Super Record category, its 110 links weighing only 241 grams.

If you need further information about the single parts of the groupsets check the articles in the referring categories.

For individual configurations of the group components, please contact the Bike24 service team.
Included in delivery: Ergopower shift-/brake levers, brakes FW/RW, crank, derailleur, front derailleur, chain, cassette
without bottom bracket cups and hubs
Material: Composite, aluminium, steel
Material of sprocket: steel
Weight supplement: 48/32T - 172.5 mm crank, 11-29T cassette, 110 chain links)
(manufacturer information

Fact Sheet of Campagnolo Chorus Groupset 2x12-speed - Mechanical Rim Brakes

Product Name: Campagnolo Chorus Groupset 2x12-speed - Mechanical Rim Brakes
Manufacturer: Campagnolo
Item Code: CAM422264
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: Road Bike
crank arm length: 165, 170, 172.5, 175
groupset: Campagnolo
gear ratio: 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23-26-29
number of chainrings: 2
shifting system: 12-speed
shifting actuation: Mechanical
brake type: Rim Brake
front derailleur type: Brazed-On
bottom bracket axle profile: Ultra-Torque / K-Type - 25mm
brake actuation: Mechanical
front derailleur max. teeth: 56
rear derailleur cage: medium
rear derailleur max. teeth: 34
rear derailleur capacity: 32
Model year: 2020
weight: 2248g
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Manufacturer page: http://www.campagnolo.com