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DT Swiss 180 Straightpull Ceramic Rear Hub - Centerlock - 12x148mm Boost - 28 Holes - black

DT Swiss 180 Straightpull Ceramic Rear Hub - Centerlock - 12x148mm Boost - 28 Holes - black

Lighter, stiffer, more precise and easier to maintain - the strengths of the 180 hub are further enhanced with the new RATCHET EXP technology. The ultra-reliable freehub system transfers the highest pedaling loads resulting in direct power transmission. Smooth-running SINC Ceramic bearings bring the decisive advantage with their extremely low rolling resistance. DT Swiss 180 hubs - the ultimate in lightweight, stiffness and durability.


  • Axle system: 12mm thru axle
  • Built-in dimension: 148mm Boost
  • Brake interface: Disc Center Lock
  • Freehub system: Disc Center Lock
  • Freehub body: Shimano Light S (ASLS) / SRAM XD MTB (ASRAM) / Shim. 12SP LIGHT (ASL12)

RATCHET EXP technology

Simple maintenance

The no-tool concept allows the tool-free disassembly. Featuring an incorporated notch, the newly developed shape of the endcaps simplifies disassembly significantly and therefore makes the maintenance even easier.

Freehub Body Conversion

The no-tool concept allows the conversion to a different drive train standard within seconds. All DT Swiss Ratchet System hubs can be converted.

Less weight

The previous Ratchet System required two springs to function correctly as the inboard ratchet was not fixed to the hubshell. The fusion of the ratchet and the threaded ring in the Ratchet EXP hub not only increase durability, it also reduces the overall number of components, utilizing a single spring, resulting in a decrease in weight of the freehub system.

More Precision

The previous systems required two conical springs which ensured the correct angle between the two ratchets. The fixed connection between the inner ratchet and the hub shell of the RATCHET EXP ensures that the inner ratchet is always aligned at the correct angle. Allowing the use of a single cylindrical spring resulting in a faster full engagement and therefore an increase in reliability.

Superior Reliability

What makes the Ratchet System hubs superior is the fact that all teeth on each of the ratchets engage simultaneously every time. In the case of pawl hubs, the engagement surface area is rather small. With the Ratchet System, the whole front face engages, creating much smaller point loads. The result is the legendary reliability of the Ratchet System hubs.

Increased Stiffness

The hub stiffness is significantly defined by the distance of the bearings. For optimal performance it is important to maximize this distance, which is limited by the size of the freehub system. In the previous system the driveside bearing has to be placed next to the threaded ring and therefore the distance couldn’t be increased.
The integration of the drive side bearing into the threaded ring increases the bearing distance, resulting in a 15% improvement in hub stiffness.

Included in delivery: one hub, Centerlock adaptor

Fact Sheet of DT Swiss 180 Straightpull Ceramic Rear Hub - Centerlock - 12x148mm Boost - 28 Holes - black

Product Name: DT Swiss 180 Straightpull Ceramic Rear Hub - Centerlock - 12x148mm Boost - 28 Holes - black
Manufacturer: DT Swiss
Item Code: DTS431793
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: MTB
shifting system: 8-speed, 9-speed, 10-speed, 11-speed, 12-speed
axle standard: 12x148mm Boost (RW)
Freehub Body: XD (SRAM 11/12s MTB), Micro Spline (Shimano 12s MTB), HG L (Shimano 11/12s Road)
braking system: Centerlock/AFS
Hub version: Rear Wheel
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
weight: 193g
manufacturer item code: H18PTCDGR28SA3161S | H18PTCDRR28SA3180S | H18PTCD2R28SA3191S
Number of Spoke Holes: 28
Freewheel System: Ratchet
Manufacturer page: http://www.dtswiss.com