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Jagwire Elite Link 1X Shift Cable Set - 1-speed

Jagwire Elite Link 1X Shift Cable Set - 1-speed

Jagwire 1X Elite Link Shift

Similar spec to the previous Elite Link Shift Kits, but with enough end caps, liners, and other small parts to be installed on road or mountain bikes. The Jagwire cable set with aluminum link housing is the ultimate combination of durability and attention grabbing looks.

Available in different colors it’s designed to enhance your performance and appearance. So, why is it better than traditional housing? It’s compressionless, which means better shifting performance with enhanced modulation. But its flexibility allows for tight bends without kinking. It’s also much lighter than traditional coiled steel housing while being more durable.

Combine these benefits with the uncoated ultra-slick high-polished cables and Slick-Lube liners that dramatically reduce friction and you’ve got the best of performance and style.

Delivery content:

- 1x 1950mm shift housing, 5mm outer diameter
- 1x 1700mm Link-Segment with 2000mm Slick-Lube liner
- 1x 1120mm Slick-Lube liner
- 1x 2300mm Elite ultra-slick inner cable
- 25x aluminium segments
- 1x LEX-SL 4mm shift housing, 300mm
- 1x open end cap - 3x adapter end caps for 4mm shift housing
- 1x colour matching end sleeve - 8x mini tube tops frame protectors
- 1x rotating hook

Compatible with Shimano and SRAM 1x shifting systems.
Included in delivery: Set for rear including attachments (see discription)
Version: for Shimano, SRAM - roadbike and MTB 1x

Fact Sheet of Jagwire Elite Link 1X Shift Cable Set - 1-speed

Product Name: Jagwire Elite Link 1X Shift Cable Set - 1-speed
Manufacturer: Jagwire
Item Code: JAG465303
activity: Cycling
cable version: Shift Cables, Set
Model year: 2022
Color: Black, Grey, Red, Blue, Purple, Gold, Silver
Manufacturer page: