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SQlab 310 3.0 Handlebar - 31.8 | MTB Tour & Travel

SQlab 310 3.0 Handlebar - 31.8 | MTB Tour & Travel

In the version 3.0, the SQlab 310 handlebar is designed especially for comfort-oriented mountain bikes that are used exclusively on tours and in light terrain. But also on Urban and Fitness bikes, the aluminum bar cuts a fine figure.

The goal in the development was the construction of an ergonomically optimal handlebar, which is characterized by an excellent level of stability despite the strong bends. As a simple formula, the more upright the riding position is, the more bending to the rear (Backsweep) and down (Downsweep) is required. 18° of Backsweep provide a straight transition from the forearm to the hand, relieving stress on the shoulders and neck.

Ergonomic features of the SQlab 310 3.0 handlebar

  • Backsweep | 18° – Provides a straight transition from forearm to hand and reduces fingers falling asleep or numb.
  • Rise | 35 mm – Allows an individual adjustment of the seating position.

Technical details of the SQlab 310 handlebar

  • version: 3.0
  • material: aluminum 7050
  • clamp diameter: 31.8 mm
  • clamp width stem: 40-58 mm
  • max. tightening torque: 8 N m
  • width: 720 mm (can be shortened up to 660 mm)
  • Backsweep: 18°
  • Upsweep / Downsweep: 0°
  • Rise: 35 mm
  • sitting position: moderate (+ 2 cm) / slightly bent (+ 3 cm)
  • E-Bike Ready
  • weight: approx. 372 g (manufacturer's specification)
  • max. system weight: 180 kg
  • ASTM category: 3

Advantages of handlebars with Backsweep:

The cause of numbness in the index finger, middle finger or thumb is a lateral, hyperextended wrist which can constrict the carpal tunnel. This "kink", which interferes with the transport of nerve information, is usually caused by a handlebar that is too straight with too little backward bend.

The Backsweep creates a straighter transition from the forearm to the hand and makes the wrist less hyperextended. If the carpal tunnel is no longer constricted, the risk of fingers falling asleep and becoming numb also decreases.

Safety & Quality | All SQlab comfort handlebars are manufactured to MTB standard and have passed the most demanding test protocol of the Zedler Institute for Downhill handlebars.

Fact Sheet of SQlab 310 3.0 Handlebar - 31.8 | MTB Tour & Travel

Product Name: SQlab 310 3.0 Handlebar - 31.8 | MTB Tour & Travel
Manufacturer: SQlab
Item Code: SQL558648
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
usage bikesport: Trekking, MTB, City
Handlebar Clamp Ø: 31,7 / 31,8mm
bar width: 720mm
Backsweep: 18°
rise: 35mm
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 372g
manufacturer item code: 2543
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Manufacturer page: