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SQlab - Sophisticated Bike Saddles, Handlebars & Grips from the Ergonomics Experts

SQlab has thrown down the gauntlet to pain on the bike. With scientific meticulousness and passion, the cycling enthusiasts from Bavaria are working on adapting the contact points of your bike to your body and your riding style. Whether Ergowave saddle, carbon handlebars, ergonomic grips, innerbarends or SQ shorts: SQlab has the right product for every type of rider, every bike and every area of use.

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SQlab – Ergonomics Comprehension since 2003

SQlab's success as a premium manufacturer of ergonomic bicycle parts is closely linked to the fate of the company's founder, motocross and MTB rider Toby Hild: After a spinal injury Toby could no longer ride his home trails without complaints and blockages. He soon realized that the saddle and cockpit need to be ergonomically adjusted to become one with the mountain bike again and to be able to enjoy nature. So he starts - together with his friend Dr. Stefan Staudte - to develop a system for measuring the seat bones and calculating the optimal saddle width and to put the idea of an ergonomic saddle design into practice. In 2003, the SQlab 601, the first ergonomic stepped saddle with relief recess, was launched on the market. The successful story of the company SQlab begins. Trendsetting concepts and innovations such as grip widths and foot type determination follow and the saddle assortment is extended by ergonomic grips, handlebars, bar ends, stems, pedals, insoles and cycling shorts.

SQlab – Ergonomics Comprehension since 2003

The Perfect SQlab Saddle For Each Seat Position and Each Area of Use

Whether it's an e-bike, MTB, road bike, gravel bike, city or trekking bike, SQlab knows that wherever you are connected to your bike, ergonomics plays a crucial role. A key factor is your bike saddle, which has to absorb 40-60% of your body weight while cycling. The perineal area or the pubic arch is exposed to particularly high pressure. The raised step saddle system of the SQlab men's and women's saddles provides a remedy here: The lowered saddle nose relieves the sensitive areas of men and women and distributes the pressure to the seat bones. In addition, the SQlab active saddle technology allows a physiologically correct movement of the pelvis, which provides more comfort and efficiency and is backfriendly at the same time. The classics in the saddle portfolio of the ergonomics specialists are the SQlab 612 Ergowave bicycle saddle for ambitious mountain bike and road bike riders, the SQlab 611 Ergowave MTB saddle for trail and enduro and the proven SQlab 602 Ergolux trekking and touring saddle. The SQlab 6OX E-Bike saddle combines the advantages of the innovative Ergowave and Ergolux saddle forms: With a raised rear and the wave-shaped elevation, it is perfectly suited for steep and long climbs on the E-MTB.

More Comfort and Efficiency with Grips, Handlebars, Stems & Pedals from SQlab

For all the other points of contact with your bike: SQlab has also worked hard to put an end to numb fingers and feet. In the case of grips, handlebars and pedals, SQlab – in addition to safety, easy assembly and attractive design – pay particular attention to the right fit. Therefore, SQlab has developed a method to determine your optimal grip distance. Furthermore, the SQlab 711 and 7OX MTB grips as well as the SQlab Stuby, 702 and 710 comfort handlebar grips are available in different sizes. And for a change of grip position and more relaxation on longer tours SQlab has exclusively developed the Innerbarends. The ergonomic SQlab bicycle handlebars meet far more than the prescribed German DIN standard requirements! All handlebars provide a straight transition from forearm to hand with their trend-setting bend, thus providing more comfort and less complaints. A real eye-catcher are the SQlab 3OX and 311 FL-X MTB carbon handlebars, which belong to the lightest and most stable handlebar models in their class. The SQlab platform and click pedals are designed to prevent any one-sided load. The pedals allow you to maintain a natural foot position and at the same time are designed for an optimal dynamic riding position on the bike.

Ergonomic Grips, Handlebars, Stems & Pedals from SQlab