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microSHIFT – Precise Groupsets and Drivetrain Components for Your Bike

Those with a microSHIFT groupset on their bike know what’s what when it comes to quality. Founded in Taiwan in 1999, the company has only been around on the bicycle market for a short time, but they have already built up an excellent reputation. With high-quality gear shifters, front and rear derailleurs, cassettes and groupsets, the company is your go-to when first kitting out your bike, or if you’re on the hunt for top-quality bike accessories. Their goal is to raise quality and performance to the highest level.

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microSHIFT: State-of-the-Art Technology for Your Best Performance

microSHIFT was founded in Taiwan back in 1999 by a group of bicycle industry veterans. The team have built up a wealth of experience in drive components, and thanks to their decades’ worth of expertise, can run their production entirely in-house. This enables strict quality controls as well as fast market launches for new products.

Ever since the development of the innovative microSHIFT ADVENT X group, the brand has been continuously improving their product design and technology. The Taiwanese company strives to drive cycling forwards by making reliable high-end products which are available within a more affordable price range, making the finer points of cycling more accessible to beginners and hobby riders. 

microSHIFT MTB groupsets

microSHIFT has made a name for themselves with the reliable 1x10 ADVENT X groupset. The enduro-ready components have a wide gear range and are therefore perfectly suited to demanding trails. ADVENT X gears are extremely sturdy, yet with impressively precise shifting. The rear derailleur uses a ratchet-pawl combo and ensures optimal chain management on challenging terrain.

The microSHIFT ADVENT groupset is the perfect choice in almost instances, from e-bikes to all-mountain bikes. The 9-speed groupset is extremely durable and offers top-class performance on any terrain.

Simple, reliable and with an incredible price-performance ratio: this is what sets the microSHIFT Acolyte 8-speed groupset apart from the rest. With its high chain tension, sufficient gear ratio and intuitive shifting, you can turn your full concentration to the trail and get to work on refining your skills. If you opt for an 8-speed Acolyte rear derailleur, you get the innovative Spring-Lock system with customised high-performance spring and two-stage activation mechanism to boot. High chain tension can be provided where required, but this can also be switched off completely.

The 9-speed shifting systems in the microSHIFT Marvo LT or Mezzo series are ideal for light mountain biking, trekking or commuting. A chic look, durable design and smooth shifting make for pleasant comfort on every ride.

The microSHIFT MTB groupsets: an overview

  • ADVENT X (10-speed)
  • ADVENT (9-speed)
  • Acolyte (8-speed)
  • XCD (11-speed)
  • XLE (10 & 11-speed)
  • Marvo LT (9-speed)
  • Mezzo (9-speed)

microSHIFT road groupsets


When it comes to road cycling, fine gear gradations are essential for smooth pedalling at all times. The microSHIFT R series includes high-quality aluminium components for your bike, which are light, durable and extremely precise. The rear derailleurs have a top-quality forged, CNC-machined construction and the components are also compatible with products from the Shimano Road range, which means you can mix and match to your heart's content. The shifting system is available with 8, 9 or 10 gears.

A microSHIFT Centos rear derailleur delivers race-level shifting performance. It has a full aluminium construction, and thanks to its compatibility with Shimano, you gain even more flexibility to configure your bike any way you want. Centos is available with 10 or 11 speeds.

The microSHIFT road bike groupsets: an overview

  • Centos (10 & 11-speed)
  • R10 (10-speed)
  • R9 (9-speed)
  • R8 (8-speed)

microSHIFT Shifters and Cassettes

With between 7 and 11 cogs, microSHIFT cassettes are available in many different versions, even to match the gears for certain series. ADVENT X cassettes make for easy gear selection with few gear changes. The cogs are made of high-quality steel and aluminium, so they are extremely robust and suitable for off-road use. microSHIFT can offer you the perfect cassette for your road bike or MTB in line with your discipline and the gears you desire.

With a microSHIFT gear shifter, you’ll always stay in control of your gear changes. Top models like the shifters in the ADVENT X series have millimetre-precise ergonomics, meaning they can be perfectly positioned so you are ready to shift at any time and do not have to relax your grip on your handlebars. Operated with your index finger and thumb, you can comfortably change gears from different grip positions.

Shop microSHIFT Products Online Now – A Focus on What’s Important

The modern manufacturer from Taiwan never cuts back on innovative features due to price. Instead, they strive to integrate as many features as possible, producing the best possible cycling equipment. Whether for amateur or professional use - a microSHIFT groupset embodies quality and performance at the highest level. Find your perfect gear system now at BIKE24.