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Revelate Designs - Bikepacking for Adventures of All Kinds

Revelate Designs is more than just a brand, it's a passion for adventure and freedom. Founded in the heart of Alaska, Revelate Designs stands for rugged, innovative and extremely functional bikepacking gear. This isn't about short-lived trends, but long-lasting products that will accompany you on your adventures. Whether you're biking through the wilderness or exploring the urban jungle, Revelate Designs makes sure you're fully equipped. Curious? We dive deep into the world of the brand and show you why it's a must-have for every adventurer.

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From Alaska to the World: The Genesis of Revelate Designs

In icy Alaska, where nature knows no compromise, Revelate Designs was born. Founder Eric Parsons is an engineer and avid cyclist who just couldn't find the right gear for his bikepacking trips. So he took matters into his own hands. Since 2007, Revelate Designs has stood for gear that is as relentless and indestructible as the landscapes it travels through. 

The focus of the products is on durability, functionality, and most importantly, the freedom to move anywhere. Products like the Tangle Frame Bag or the Terrapin System are not only icons and important milestones of the brand itself, but also examples of the pursuit of perfection. This is about more than just gear, it's about a way of life.

Your Equipment, Your Rules: Versatility at Revelate Designs

Revelate Designs offers you a wide range of gear for every occasion. From the long haul to the short weekend trip to the simple ride in the city - here is the right bag. In addition to the versatile frame bags and practical saddlebags stand out especially the Revelate Designs top tube bags and the Revelate Designs Harness for the handlebar. The selection for you is huge. The best part? Each product is designed to fit your lifestyle and not slow you down.

Handlebar Bag from Revelate Designs for Your Cockpit: Quick Access and Full Freedom of Movement

You know it: While riding you do not want to search long or awkwardly reach to get to your equipment. That's why top tube and handlebar bags sit exactly where you need them - right in front of you at your control center. Revelate Designs' solutions for this area are built just so, so you can not only attach them quickly, but also access them. In other words, simple Velcro straps for attachment and sleek zippers for access. These options from Revelate Designs show just how easy cycling can be when you have the right helpers on board:

  • Revelate Designs Harness: Your mobile control center on the handlebar. Flexible, robust and always at hand - so you have your essentials always in view. The RD Harness system is not only versatile, but also compatible with many bags. Whether you drybags, a sleeping bag or even a tent attached - the Harness handlebar harness distributes the weight evenly and thus ensures a stable ride. And that even on the bumpiest trails.
  • Top tube bags for your cockpit: a real organizational talent that sits directly in front of you on the top tube. At Revelate Design, the Gas Tank and Mag Tank stand out here - both give you quick access to snacks, tools and more. The Mag Tank features a clever magnetic buckle that allows for one-handed access. Combine a mobile cockpit with the RD Harness and create a multifunctional front on frame and handlebars, which leaves nothing to be desired.

Storage Space That Thinks: Frame and Saddlebags from Revelate Designs

You want to make the most of your storage space without compromising the riding experience? Frame and saddle bags offer you exactly this freedom and flexibility. They are more than just storage - they are thoughtful companions for every tour. 

  • Revelate Designs Frame Bags: These clever storage wonders sit at the heart of your bike - in the frame triangle. They're designed to hold heavy items without their weight affecting your bike's handling characteristics.
  • Revelate Designs Saddlebags: In these bags you stow the small things that should not be missing on any tour. They are as inconspicuous as effective and fit seamlessly into your setup without overloading it.

Simple and Safe: How to Attach Revelate Designs Panniers to Your Bike

You want to attach your new frame bag, handlebar harness or cockpit bag from Revelate Designs to the bike and become a professional bike packer? No problem! The frame bags clamp cleverly into the frame triangle and stay in place thanks to robust Velcro. For the cockpit applies: simply attach to the top tube also by Velcro and off you go. The harness handlebar harness? You strap it directly to the handlebars.

Bikepacking can be so easy when the frame, handlebars, zippers and Velcro work together perfectly. Now all that's missing is you and the open road!

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Imagine if you could cover all your cycling needs in just one place and with a few clicks. That's exactly what the BIKE24 online store offers you. Here you will not only find Relevate Designs bags for comfortable bikepacking, but also other accessories. These include helmets, spare tubes for the next tour or even tool sets, which you can store directly in your new frame or handlebar bags from Revelate Designs. Why get bogged down? Here you get quality, a great selection and fast shipping all in one package. What are you waiting for? Become a bikepacker, hop on your bike and head out on your next outdoor adventure!