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Fidlock – Water Bottles and Mounts with Aha Moment

Fidlock, these are magnetic closures that are inspiring. In the cycling world, the brand stands for a small but fine experience: the grab to the water bottle. At Fidlock, the art of engineering and passion come together to revolutionize drinking on the bike. The innovative principle of Fidlock water bottles combines the advantages of magnetic closures with those of mechanical latching closures. But Fidlock products are also useful companions when taking photos or on a hike. Ready for the next generation of closures – Let's Twist!

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The Success Story of Fidlock

The story of Fidlock begins with Joachim Fiedler, a music student who made a virtue out of necessity. At the age of 16, he developed a carrying system for his cello case from bicycle spokes, car seat belts and tin cans – his first patent. One component of it was a magnetic mounting system for the cello bow. This not only led to the development of magnetic closures for school bags, but also laid the foundation for the Fidlock brand.

Today, more than 100 employees at Fidlock ensure intuitive, safe and innovative products. Based in Hanover, the brand operates in numerous regions around the world. Right at the forefront: the water bottle mount on the bike.

The Fidlock Technologies for Cycling Water Bottles

All Fidlock water bottles are made of BPA-free polyethylene and have an ergonomic design. If you press, the bottle gives you liquid quickly: The mouthpiece is optimized for efficient water intake without any dripping. So even when you're riding fast, you won't miss a thing

In addition, two innovative technologies make the bottles particularly relevant for modern cycling: the Twist mounting system and the Fidguard innovation for improved hygiene.

Twist: A Simple Twist with a Big Effect

Fidlock presents a real revolution with the Twist system. The principle is simple as well as ingenious: Strong magnets pull the bottle to the Fidlock base adapter, which is attached to the bike frame, and let it lock there securely. A simple clockwise turn and the bottle is released again. The kind of Fidlock bottle cage system is not only practical, but also extremely space-saving – bulky cages that almost completely enclose the bottle are a thing of the past.

The heart of the system is the combination of magnetic force and mechanical connection. The magnets ensure comfortable handling and a firm grip, even under heavy conditions such as mountain bike racing. The mechanical snap lock holds the Fidlock water bottle securely to the frame. The result: bottle mounts with Twist technology deliver what they promise and are extremely lightweight and minimalist.

Twist technology is not limited to drinking bottles. Thanks to the modular design, you can also attach your bike lock or your bike panniers using Twist-Lock. And that's not all: the system can also be easily transferred to bags, backpacks, running belts, clothing or other textile items. A small twist with a big effect – that's Fidlock Twist.

Fidguard: Effective Protection against Bacterial Growth

Fidguard ensures better hygiene and a refreshing drinking experience. The technology is an innovative solution that stops bacteria growth on the inside of the Fidlock bottle. Even if you clean and dry your water bottle every time after use, some water residue, in which bacteria can form, always remains. The result is unpleasant odors. This is where the Fidguard principle comes in and eliminates bacteria in a purely physical way, without any chemical additives.

Other Applications for Fidlock Products

Fidlock is known primarily for magnetic closures for water bottles on the bike. However, the manufacturer also develops mounting accessories for other applications – the focus is always on the closures. Get to know two of the other numerous systems:

Vacuum – The Smartphone Holder with Invisible Forces

Fidlock Vacuum is an innovative holder for your smartphone. It consists of an inconspicuous base, which you can optionally combine with the matching phone case. The suction elements and magnets of Fidlock Vacuum securely attach your smartphone to the bike, to a tripod, in the car or wherever you want it. 

The use is intuitive and fast: You move your smartphone close to the base, it snaps securely into place and can be easily removed again at any time. Furthermore, the cases are ultra-thin, but still protect the smartphone very reliably.

Pinclip – The Quick-Change Adapter to Make Action-Packed Videos

With the Pinclip snap mount from Fidlock you can shoot action-packed videos during your outdoor adventures, where you can switch between different perspectives within seconds. The magnetic system allows you to quickly remove the camera from the mounting base. Locking it in place is as easy as it is secure – you save yourself the hassle of screwing and unscrewing. Pinclip is ideal for anyone who wants to capture their adventure from multiple angles without wasting time on cumbersome mounts.

The Pinclip technology is another example of innovative Fidlock mounts, constantly looking for new ways to make life easier and more exciting for adventure seekers and sports enthusiasts.

Buying Fidlock products online at BIKE24

Instead of cumbersome systems, Fidlock makes your life easier with its products. You can fully concentrate on your adventure outdoors – your equipment fulfills its purpose without delay. In our store you will find numerous Fidlock mounts at low prices. In addition to these innovative accessories, we offer a large selection of sportswear, bags and accessories for cycling, running and more. Order everything on one platform and benefit from lightning-fast delivery.