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Innovative Rudy Project Helmets and Cycling Glasses from the Italian Market Leader

The success story of the market leader in sports glasses began in 1985 in Treviso, Italy. Rudy Project was founded back then with the idea of developing innovative sports glasses at an extremely high level of quality. This principle has continued to this day and so Rudy Project presents glasses and helmets that are unique products combining cutting-edge technology with aesthetic design. This combination of functionality and a sporty, modern look has awarded Rudy Project with a worldwide fan base.

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Rudy Project Company History

The market leader in aesthetic and innovative sport glasses and helmets originated in 1985 in Treviso, Italy. Striving for perfection and to improve sporting performance has brought Rudy Project to where the brand is positioned today. All over the world amateur athletes, and also countless professional trust in Rudy Project glasses, which combine aesthetics, functionality and aerodynamics in a special way for high-tech solutions for the eyes and the head. The ever-present aim of Rudy Project is to increase safety and performance of sports enthusiasts and thereby to improve the experience on the bicycle, while running or in other disciplines.

Rudy Project is now in the second generation of entrepreneurs and is managed by Christiano and Simone Barbazza. Rudy Project supplies more than 60 countries worldwide with glasses and helmets of the highest technical level.

Rudy Project Cycling Glasses and Helmets in Professional Use

The wide Rudy Project fan base doesn’t stop at professional sport either. Numerous professional wear Rudy Project sunglasses and helmets in international competitions and trust their perfect functionality. It doesn't matter in which sport the athletes measure themselves against their competitors, because the Rudy Project focuses on diversity. Products are specially developed for the respective areas of use and so Rudy Project offers glasses and helmets for cycle racing, motorsport, triathlon, running, water sports, winter sports and beach sports.

Rudy Project Sunglasses at a Glance

Rudy Project has made a name for itself with its sports glasses and even today this is the biggest business sector for the Italian maker. So it’s no wonder that Rudy Project glasses are developed and offered for the following sports and uses:

  • Rudy Project cycle glasses (mountain bike and road racing)
  • Rudy Project triathlon glasses
  • Rudy Project shooting glasses
  • Rudy Project water sports glasses
  • Rudy Project winter sports glasses
  • Rudy Project golf glasses

The big advantage of Rudy Project glasses is that all models are available in different version. This does not only refer to the colours, but also to the types of glass, for example. Rudy Project sunglasses can thus be precisely tailored to your needs.

Of course, Rudy Project also offers glasses with prescription lenses. Depending on the model, there are special clip-on lens adapters into which prescription lenses can be fitted, or the glasses themselves have the appropriate prescription lenses.

For example, anyone who has already been on a multi-day bike tour knows that the conditions and lighting conditions can change drastically over time. For this reason Rudy Project glasses are fitted with quick-change technology, with which the lenses can be changed in seconds. 
A large number of different interchangeable lenses are available for changing lenses, which can, among other things, increase contrast or protect against ultraviolet rays. In addition, the Rudy Project RP Optics interchangeable lenses ensure unadulterated colouring and generally protect against extreme weather conditions.

Another Rudy Project development that has helped with the company’s success, is its ImpactX technology. ImpactX lenses are guaranteed indestructible for a lifetime — that’s what the manufacturer calls its product. In addition to the unbelievable stability and resilience in terms of scratching the lenses, the lenses darken within seconds when the sun is shining brightly and automatically become brighter again in seconds when there is less light incidence. Additionally, ImpactX lenses are 16% lighter than CR39 and 10% lighter than comparable polycarbonate glasses.

Another advantage of Rudy Project glasses is that there are numerous spare parts available. In combination with the indestructible ImpactX lenses you can really wear Rudy Project glasses for the rest of your life as an athlete.

Alongside innovative sports glasses you’ll also find Rudy Project lifestyle glasses.

Rudy Project Helmets at a Glance

Even if the sports glasses from Rudy Project are particularly popular, the Rudy Project helmets are in no way inferior to them. Athletes from around the world protect their heads with helmets from the Italian maker and trust in the high safety achieved through innovative technologies and rational designs.
Depending on the model, a Rudy Project cycling helmet is suited for use on a mountain bike, road racing bike, a triathlon bike or an urban bike and thus offers you every kind of protection.

Rudy Project puts great value on optimum function and great comfort for its helmets. During development numerous tests are carried out and the aerodynamics are also checked in a wind tunnel. So you can be sure that you’ve gain a high-performance product of the best possible quality with a Rudy Project helmet.