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Magura MT5e Disc Brake

Magura MT5e Disc Brake

Class adapted for use on eBike´s, motorcycle racing's proven 4-piston technology creates an absolute maximum of braking force. No matter how difficult the trail terrain, Maguras 4-piston technology and novel new ergonomics in the brake lever give you a performance package which will fill you with confidence. The MT5e is also perfect for S-Pedelecs. The aluminium, 3-finger brake levers are ergonomically perfect for your hands, allowing you to easily and accurately apply the braking power you need, even during long braking actions. Magura's use of Carbotecture® technology in the brake handle housing keeps the MT5e's weight down to a minimum and provides optimal braking performance.

  • ergonomic, 3-finger, aluminum brake lever with ball end
  • available with HIGO Closer NO or HIGO Opener NC
  • Carbotecture® housing & handlebar clamp
  • adjustable lever reach All-in-one
  • 4-piston brake caliper with banjo
  • magnetiXchange brake pistons for easy brake pad replacement
  • weight only 275 g
  • suitable for E-Bikes up to 45 km/h
  • compatible with all MAGURA Storm HC discs


A mixture of high-tech polymers and carbon or glass fibers is transformed into a plastic granulate in several complex processes. During the processing from this granulate to the finished component, the carbon fibers are optimally aligned to the load requirements. With this Carboflow process any desired shape can be produced from the granulate by injection moulding. Carbotecture® offers significant advantages over the classic lightweight material aluminum: Carbotecture® is 50 % lighter than aluminum with identical tensile and fracture strength, so it weighs only half as much.

Weight Ratio Performance:
Magura brakes are characterized by their high degree of thermal resistance, achieved through optimal weight allocation. This is optimal material usage and best-in-class lightweight construction where it's really needed.

Magnetic pistons fit perfectly into the brake caliper, guaranteeing quick and easy brake pad replacement.

MAGURA Performance: The new high-tech brakes out of MAGURA's motorsport experiences: 4-piston brake caliper technology is in the front line of their new Performance portfolio, giving you maximum braking performance and stability in extreme conditions.

EBT | Easy Bleed Technology: Easy and fast bleeding.

TAD | Triple Arch Design: for optimal stiffness.

Optional - Magura Storm HC rotor

The brake is delivered filled and bled. Please pay attention to the maximum disc diameter recommended for your fork / frame!

The brake can be use for front and rear.

Note: The brake is delivered without adapter and without disc rotor. These parts are sold separately.

The brake hose can easily be shortened to the required length!
Brake hose: MAGURA Disc Tube - approx. 2.000 mm, cuttable
Brake lever: ergonomic 3-finger lever with ball end | mountable on the right and left | adjustable lever reach
Brake pads: organic Performance
Disc: Storm HC - FW 203, 180, 160 / RW 203, 180, 160, (not included)
Included in delivery: 1 brake, filled and bled without disc, without adaptor
Material: carbotecture (carbon fiber)
lever, caliper: aluminium
Weight supplement: one brake, manufacturer information

Fact Sheet of Magura MT5e Disc Brake

Product Name: Magura MT5e Disc Brake
Manufacturer: Magura
Item Code: MAG365284
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
usage bikesport: E-Bike, MTB
disc brake mount: Postmount
brake actuation: Hydraulic
brake lever version: Flat bar / Riser
brake lever style: 3-Finger
brake fluid: Mineral Oil
Disc brake - version: # Front Wheel, # Rear Wheel, Set caliper & lever
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 275g
Manufacturer page: