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Magura Brakes – Premium Brakes for Safe Biking

What is a city bike or mountain bike without brakes and brake pads? Aside from anything else, it would be extremely dangerous! That’s why it is vital to invest in these inconspicuous, yet essential parts. Magura brakes allow you to put together your own braking system, depending on whether you want to use your bike as a means of transport in the city, for cycle tours or for mountain biking. Choosing the right accessories is crucial for optimal interaction and functionality. And the optimal braking system will naturally depend on your type of bike.

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Innovation and Individual Production

Magura is a traditional company from Swabia that has existed since 1893 and specializes in the development of braking systems for bikes. No off-the-shelf goods are to be found here. Instead, the products relating to bike braking systems are put together for each individual customer. The many possible braking combinations are just as diverse as Magura’s huge product range. Incidentally, the company doesn’t just build brakes and brake pads, but also produces other bicycle accessories such as VYRON seat posts.

Magura - Disc Brakes for High Braking Power

Magura Disc Brakes for High Braking Power

Performance is always improved with Magura disc brakes. The decisive aspect here is the diameter of the brake disc. The larger the diameter, the greater the increase in braking force. The weight of the brake pads also plays a role in performance, especially for gravity riders. Disc brakes for e-bikes are stiffer, more heat-resistant and generally more robust. When it comes to disc brakes, there are beginner products such as the Magura mt2, the Magura mt4 and the Magura mt8 with two piston calipers. There are also models with strong braking power such as the Magura mt5 and the Magura mt7 with four piston calipers. In addition, front and rear brakes are available together in the Magura mt5 set and in the Magura mt7 set. The Magura Mt Thirty is also available as a custom-made product on request. Other models include the Magura My Trail disc brake set and the Magura Mt Trail Sport disc brake set for front and rear wheels.

Magura Rim Brakes – A Low Maintenance Solution

Magura rim brakes like the Magura hs1 or the Magura hs33 are a practical alternative to disc brakes. Disc brakes are seen today as the standard for modern bicycles. Nevertheless, the good old rim brake has certainly not disappeared from the scene. Rim brakes offer a lighter and cheaper alternative if you are looking for something that is easier to assemble and maintain and less prone to defects. This option is particularly suited to beginners and cyclists who do not want to spend a lot of time and energy on assembly.

Magura - The Right Braking System for your Bike or E-Bike

Magura Brake Pads

Magura brake pads for disc brakes are available in three versions: Comfort for cyclists who regulate their braking performance themselves and want to keep it under control, Performance for safe braking on long tours and the Race version for particularly quick reactions. If the cyclist has a greater body weight or e-bikes are involved, particularly stable Sports Surfaces will be the best option. There are four different types of rim brake pads: uncoated aluminium rims, hard anodized aluminium and ceramic rims, rims with a particularly long service life and stable rims for mountain biking.

The Right Braking System for your Bike or E-Bike

When choosing your Magura brakes or any braking system, the first thing to consider is the type of bike you are riding. Ideally, you should choose your braking system based on performance, ergonomics and design. As described above, there are different types of brake pads to suit different needs. In addition, there is the choice of the right handlebar, which should be flexible and not too heavy. You should also choose the size of the brake lever according to the size of your hand in order to have an ideal grip. Only when all bike parts are correct you will have the right braking system for your bike.