SwissStop CATALYST Disc Rotor - 6-Bolt

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Description of SwissStop CATALYST Disc Rotor - 6-Bolt

CATALYST - New design, better performance!

The SwissStop CATALYST rotor ensures powerful braking and high durability. It is available in different sizes and suitable for all applications from road to cyclocross cross, cross country and downhill. Thanks to rounded outer edges, the brake discs are UCI approved for road racing. 3 small holes per rotor side indicate when the brake disc should be replaced. Compatible with all organic and sintered brake pads. Optimized performance with SwissStop EXOTherm2.

Highlights of the SwissStop CATALYST rotor

  • For 6-Bolt IS2000 Brake disc mounting
  • Optimal heat dissipation
  • Reliable performance from Cyclocross to Downhill
  • Long life, even under the most adverse conditions
  • UCI approved
  • Wear indicators
  • Compatible with organic brake pads
  • Best performance with SwissStop EXOTherm2


Research and development of SwissStop CATALYST

In early 2015, the SwissStop engineering team conducted a series of laboratory tests on bicycle brake disc rotors. Next, they created digital models of these rotors and simulated the same test environments using advanced software. A comparison of the data verified that the simulations were accurate and effective, giving the engineers confidence to proceed with creating an array of digital prototypes to thoroughly test and evaluate.

Heat transfer within the design concepts was studied extensively using engineering simulation software. The relationships between convection, radiation, surface area and weight were used to determine the optimal design to maximize heat dissipation and strength while minimizing weight. The structure of each design was evaluated under braking forces ranging from typical hand pressure up to theoretical maximums. Critical pressure points in the structure were identified in order to maximize the strength and stiffness of the rotor.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations were peformed to study airflow over the surface of the rotor and through the cut-outs. A variety of profiles were tested to determine the effects of asymetrical holes and optimize the cooling effect of airflow over the surfaces. Thermodynamic simulations, structural analysis and fluid dynamic visualizations were conducted in collaboration with the Institute for Energy Technology at HSR University of Applied Science.

The final design was confirmed and visualized with further thermal and structural simulations. A two piece design consisting of a 7075-T6 aluminum alloy spider and SUS410 stainless steel brake track was chosen to balance light weight with reliable thermal management and structural performance. Vibrations are minimized by the geometry of the brake pad contact area.

Laboratory testing of the Catalyst disc rotor confirmed the results of the engineering simulations. The Catalyst excels in endurance testing - delivering consistent brake torque over time while standard brake systems gradually decline and eventually suffer structural failure. Further tests demonstrated extremely efficient thermal management, notably shorter stopping distances, very low wear rates and structural integrity under hard braking exceeding the current industry leaders.

Practical testing of the prototypes allowed the development team to determine the optimum balance between two of the primary, yet competing, characteristics: brake performance and weight. A carefully chosen few extra grams of material added to the outer ring translated directly into shorter stopping distances. Engineers selectively added material to specific sizes to further improve performance and durability.

  • Description
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  • Ratings (3)

Fact Sheet of SwissStop CATALYST Disc Rotor - 6-Bolt

Product Name: SwissStop CATALYST Disc Rotor - 6-Bolt
Manufacturer: SwissStop
Item Code: SWS428302
activity: Bike
usage bikesport: MTB
rotor: 6-hole (two-piece)
Model year: 2021
weight: 110g
Manufacturer page:
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
  • Availability**
  • Ratings (3)
Selection: SwissStop CATALYST Disc Rotor - 6-Bolt
Currently not in stock Delivery time 6-7 weeks Diameter 140 mm
Currently not in stock Not deliverable Diameter 160 mm
Still 10+ in stock in stock, delivery time 2-3 weeks Diameter 180 mm
Still 2 in stock in stock, delivery time 2-3 weeks Diameter 203 mm
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
  • Availability**
  • Ratings (3)


(3 Ratings)
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Customer Reviews
During the assembly of the bike, it turned out that the SwissStop Catalyst brake discs were crooked. The front (180) is a little crooked, the back (160) is pretty crooked. The master had to straighten them. It was quite hard, as these brake discs are quite stiff. For such a price, these brake discs could be better.

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Mit meinem Levo Turbo E-Bike fahre ich in den Alpen unter härtesten Bedingungen, sehr lange, schnelle und steile Abfahrten. Die verbauten Sram Bremsen streifen immer und immer wieder. Alles Nachjustieren half nichts. Dann habe ich die Nerven verloren ;-) und auf raten von meinem Händler in Shimano Saint mit Shimano XT Bremsscheiben investiert. Jedoch auch hier das selbe Problem auch mit diesen Bremsscheiben.
Ein Ex-Profi riet mir auf die Swissstop Bremsscheiben und Beläge zu wechseln, was ich zum Glück auch tat.
Ich habe die Scheiben und Beläge jetzt schon seit August montiert und musste nie mehr nachjustieren. Kein lästiges Schleifen der Beläge mehr.
Verbaut sind die Scheiben in der 180er Version mit mechanischen Scheibenbremsen (Paul Klamper MTB LP) und Cool Stop Resin Belägen.

Leichtes Quietschen bei Nässe, was aber dem Einbremsen geschuldet sein kann.

Bei 15 bis 20 km/h vernehme ich einen leichten mittelfrequenten Ton. Das dürfte die Luftverwirbelung der Rotorkühlung sein.

Insgesamt eine feste und grundsolide Bremsscheibe, die ich empfehlen kann.
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