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SwissStop Brake Pads - Swiss Quality Meets Strong Braking Performance

SwissStop is a renowned name from Ticino and stands for advanced technology, Swiss innovative spirit and strong sustainability awareness. Since its foundation in 1935, the brand has been setting standards in terms of brake discs and brake pads. SwissStop is convinced: reliable and contemporary braking performance only comes from highly qualified technology. Mountain bike teams and road bike enthusiasts worldwide appreciate the high-performance features and precision that SwissStop puts into its products.

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Pads and Disc Rotors from SwissStop - Specialist for Brake Solutions

The success of the SwissStop brand began almost a century ago under the name REX Articoli Tecnici SA in Mendrisio, where it is still based today. Originally specializing in chemical products, the real magic began when SwissStop delved into the world of rubber compounds in the 1950s. This laid the foundation for the brand's success - with brake pads for aluminum and carbon wheels and disc brake systems for bicycles worldwide. To this day, SwissStop is synonymous with advanced braking technology and sets international standards for braking solutions.

What makes the Swiss brand special? Quite simply: The tireless dedication to technology and innovation - combined with a deep understanding of sustainability and quality.

Brake Pads for Rim Brakes - Exciting Brake Pad Compounds, Great Performance

SwissStop not only sets standards for high-quality brake discs - SwissStop brake pads in the categories road bike and mountain bike are also notorious in the community. The products of the manufacturer are considered a manifestation of quality and offer a strong performance. The goal: to raise your safety to a maximum - with highly developed brake pads for rim brakes. How does SwissStop achieve this? To ensure the best possible performance, you need precisely matched rubber compounds: 

  • Original Black: When developing this compound for aluminum rims, SwissStop's focus was clearly on an ideal balance for everyday use. With Original Black, this is demonstrated by strong braking performance, especially in dry conditions, and long durability.
  • BXP: Maximum braking power for aluminum rims and easy dosage. SwissStop placed great emphasis on this when developing the BXP compound.
  • Yellow King: With Yellow King, SwissStop created a real weather all-rounder for carbon rims. Decisive elements here are the low abrasion paired with a good dosage.
  • Black Prince: Good braking values with carbon rims even in wet conditions? SwissStop meets this challenge with the Black Prince compound. The secret of success is the reduced heat production during braking. 

Thanks to colored markings, you can always find the right brake pad for your aluminum or carbon rims at SwissStop: White lettering stands for aluminum rims, yellow for carbon rims.

For a full experience with SwissStop pads for rim brakes and for your own safety, you better refrain from combining carbon pads on aluminum rims and vice versa!

Brake pads for aluminum rims withstand the higher heat generated by friction on carbon less well. On the other hand, carbon brake pads on aluminum rims are basically rideable, but you should absolutely avoid riding your carbon brake pads on aluminum brake flanks in training and on carbon flanks in competition. Tiny aluminum particles remaining in the pad can irreparably destroy your expensive carbon rim in just a few rotations.

All four rubber compounds are available in FlashPro (brake pads), Full FlashPro (brake shoes) and RacePro. BXP and Black Prince are additionally suitable as Flash EVO for wheels with limited space for pads. Thanks to the numerous combination options SwissStop offers for so all requirements the right brake pad.

Brake Pads for Disc Brakes - Best Grip in Every Situation

SwissStop offers a large repertoire of brake pad compounds for disc brakes. The sophisticated technology behind the disc brakes of the Swiss manufacturer ensures impressive braking performance. With these pad compounds you always have total control:

  • Disc RS: The all-rounder for disc brakes offers excellent braking performance in dry and wet weather. The special feature? Despite the only 1.6 millimeter thick carrier plate, it scores with long durability and ensures quiet braking in any weather.
  • Disc E: This is where endurance specialists get their money's worth. The highlight behind it is the high temperature stability, which ensures constant braking performance. In addition, the organic pad compound is extremely quiet and ensures less wear on the brake disc.
  • Disc C: An excellent braking performance combined with low manual effort. Thanks to a combination of different materials and resin, this mixture does just that. This pad compound is also your partner for perfect control in rain and shine. 
  • EXOTherm2: When it comes to durability and longevity, this compound sets new standards for brake pads even by SwissStop standards. The aluminum backing plate with cooling fins ensures maximum service life of all components. The best part? Brake fading is reduced to a minimum thanks to the innovative cooling fins.

Catalyst Brake Rotors for Disc Brakes - Top Performance Thanks to Technology

The Catalyst brake discs from SwissStop are beyond reproach and receive worldwide recognition from cycling fans. They are the result of many years of research in which technology and performance maximization were in the foreground. 

  • With the Catalyst One brake disc SwissStop creates a solid all-rounder for brake discs.
  • Innovative brake disc design offers the manufacturer with the versions Catalyst Pro & Race, which are each two-piece and floating. They are the result of the most intensive development and are available for both Centerlock and 6-hole hubs in various diameters. 

What unites all Catalyst brake discs from SwissStop: Optimal heat dissipation with minimal weight, an extremely long service life and reliable braking performance in any situation - from cyclocross to downhill.

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Don't spend too long researching online, but order high-quality brake discs and brake pads from SwissStop directly in the BIKE24 online store. From a simple road tour to an exciting and brake-intensive downhill race, you are on the safe side with the brake solutions from the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. Find everything you need for your next adventure - order, attach, start and experience braking power!