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Established 1954 by Paolo Sorbini, Enervit has worked in close collaboration with many athletes to develop gels, bars and drinks, which meet the needs of champions. Suitable for every occasion: before sport to increase energy reserves, during to reduce fatigue and afterwards for optimal recovery.

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Over 40 Years of Intensive Research for Your Active Life

Enervit was there when Reinhold Messner climbed the fourteen eight-thousanders without additional oxygen. Enervit supported Francesco Moser when he set a new hour record in Mexico City in 1984. They sustained champions and legends such as Francesca Schiavone and Federico Pellegrino. They helped Trapattoni and Juventus Turin to great successes. And they want to help you to be optimally provided for your next challenge.

The Italian company has been focusing on research and development for over four decades. A team of doctors, researchers, technicians and athletes ensures that all bars, gels, drinks, shakes and tablets meet the highest performance and quality standards. Enervit products and dietary supplements are developed and manufactured on a plateau near Lake Como. There the air is clean and the production quality excellent. The careful selection of raw materials, naturally without genetically modified ingredients, guarantees additional safety, transparency and maximum performance.

Perfectly Supplied Before, During & After Sports

No athlete should be dehydrated or hypoglycemic while plunging into their next adventure or challenge. At the same time, the consumption of sugar, after a brief increase, can lead to a so-called "sugar crash" - a rapid drop in blood sugar levels - and the premature end of a race. That's why the Enervit Pre Sport Jelly is based on isomaltulose, a carbohydrate, which ensures a lower and more even increase in blood sugar levels.

Enervit offers a range of isotonic drinks, performance and competition bars, liquid gels and carbohydrate tablets to reduce fatigue and feelings of exhaustion, conserve energy reserves and compensate for the loss of water and electrolytes. During strenuous exercise, it is essential that muscles and brain are supplied with sufficient carbohydrates and that the body is supplied with vitamins and minerals.

Probably the most important moment of any training or competition is the immediate recovery phase afterwards. On the one hand, the lost energy must be replenished. On the other hand, it is even more important that the body has sufficient carbohydrates, fats and proteins at its disposal not only to repair the damage caused to the muscles, but also to make them stronger and more resilient for the future. The Enervit Protein Bar or Power Crunchy Bar are particularly suitable for this. Progress is not defined as stress plus recovery for nothing.