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Elite – Sophisticated Cycle Trainers, Water Bottles & Cages for High-Performance Cycling

More than 40 years ago a group of enthusiastic cyclists have founded Elite, a company that still offers cutting-edge products for cycling sports training. The Italian R&D team is specialized in cycle trainers, water bottles and bottle cages. The product range leaves nothing to be desired, from affordable wheel-on bike trainers like the Novo-Mag Force to the pleasantly quiet, interactive Suito Direct-Drive trainer. Indurain, Pantani, Evans, Froome, Nibali, Quintana and many more pros won the tour thanks to warm-ups with trainers and high-quality water bottles from Elite.

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Elite - Cycle Trainer Pioneer and Hydration Bottle Designer with Italian Origins

"Developing innovative products for fitness training on the bicycle as a team." was the guiding principle on which Amerigo Sartore based his company in the Italian Fontaniva Elite in the late 1970s.
With this still valid Credo in mind, the team of passionate cycling enthusiasts around Sartore has quickly gained a reputation for producing cutting-edge, high-quality roller trainers, drinking bottles and bottle cages. Strategically, the Elite R&D department pursues the goal of not only keeping up with the competitors. They also want to extend their product range of exercise bikes with innovations and technological novelties. Elite has been a driving force in the development of interactive and smart indoor exercise bikes with sophisticated sensor technology. In addition, the Elite portfolio includes super-light carbon bottle cages and perfectly matching biodegradable drinking bottles

The Wide Range of Elite Cycle Trainers

Whether fully mechanical, smart or interactive, the Elite bike trainers are great for training at home as well as for a competition warm-up outside of your home. In case there is not enough time for your workout on your Elite Trainer, it can be easily stowed away due to its foldable frame construction. Furthermore, you can easily transport the Elite Roller Trainer on your travels or to prepare for a competition thanks to the matching bags.

	Create Interactive Workouts with the Elite Direct-Drive Trainer and the My E-Training App.

The Elite Classic Series

Classic wheel-on trainer models, such as Qubo Fluid or Novo Force, are easy to set-up and simple to use. When it comes to the resistance unit, they are noise-reduced by the proven Elastogel rollers and offer an attractive performance even for powerful athletes. Talking about performance - the Classic indoor cycle trainer series from Elite also convinces in terms of price-performance ratio and closes the gap between affordable entry level prices and attractive indoor bike workouts.

Smart Bike Trainers by Elite

Unlike most manufacturers, Elite categorizes the computer-based bicycle trainers into smart and interactive models.
Smart indoor cycle trainers like the digital Qubo Power Mag Smart B+ or the Turno Direct-Drive trainer are the right choice if you want your training to be based solely on measured values. The training devices wirelessly transfer your directly measured power, your theoretical speed values, your covered distance and much more to the app or training software on your smartphone, tablet or PC.
You can also create your own workouts, take performance tests or discover new areas in the exciting Elite Real Videos.

Interactive Elite Bicycle Home Trainers of the Next Generation

If the smart trainers already impress you with their features, you will love the interactive versions.
Trainers such as the Elite TUO Wheel-On allow you to ride in 3D cycling worlds and customize the track simulation for an extraordinary riding experience. This is achieved by simulating a natural setting of the track via the resistance unit of the trainer and incorporating your performance data into the representation of your cycling avatar.
You can also connect the highly accurate Direto XR and Suito models with Elite's own My E-Training training app, as well as Zwift, Sufferfest and other software to give you a fantastic riding experience. 
Despite their Direct-Drive construction, the Direto XR and Suito can be used with almost all road and mountain bikes thanks to a wide range of adapters. These and many other innovative features are the reasons why some of the best professional racing teams rely on Elite roller trainers.

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Sustainable Hydration Bottles and Reliable Bottle Cages

Nothing is more essential for indoor and outdoor cycling training than a sufficient fluid intake. After many kilometers, even a plastic drinking bottle will eventually reach the end of its life and must be disposed of.
This is where the sustainable and innovative Elite drinking bottles come into play.
The new Elite Jet Green drinking bottle is made of sugarcane-based bio-plastic, which comes from sustainable sugarcane cultivation. The Elite Fly water bottles are made of recyclable plastic and are also featuring really low weights due to their variable wall thickness. Furthermore, the proven push-pull valve of the bike water bottles, which are available in 550, 750 and even 950 ml capacities, allows for a quick and abundant fluid supply and easy handling.
You want cool drinks in summer and warm drinks in winter? No problem with the Nanofly from Elite. The advanced version of the Fly is additionally equipped with the NANOGELITE insulation, but still convinces with its low weight and sustainability.
With many other hydration bottle highlights, such as the Deboyo or Vero GT, which are available in a wide range of colors, Elite offers the right model for every cyclist and athlete.

All Elite hydration bottles are recyclable, featuring a low weight and an intuitive handling

For a perfect match with the extremely light water bottles, ELITE also offers feather-light yet extremely sturdy water bottle cages. The top model, the featherlight Rocko Carbon, guarantees maximum race performance at just 17 grams. But also the Elite Leggero Carbon or Vico guarantee low weight, extremely high durability, an extremely easy handling and the finest aesthetics.
In addition to the Carbon models, ELITE also offers a range of carbon fiber reinforced bottle cages and timelessly elegant stainless steel versions.

Elite Carbon Bottle Cages – Featherlight and solid