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Velocio - Sustainable Cycling Apparel for Road, Gravel & MTB

Velocio aims to disrupt the status quo in cycling apparel. With a true commitment to design, sustainability and a strong cycling community. Velocio's approach to bike wear "design, ride, repeat". In other words, the company's own passion for cycling allows it to continually test and improve its products. At the heart of it all is the ambition to create jerseys and bib shorts that bring out the best in each of us. Explore the world of Velocio and discover what makes the brand special.

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Velocio’s History and Drive

Velocio started in 2013 with one goal: to make cycling clothing not just better, but different. They started with a collection specifically designed for women. Then they added jerseys and bib shorts for men. The vision behind Velocio is Brad Sheehan, a passionate cyclist and designer. He founded the brand in New Hampshire, USA.

A key step for the company was the merger with SRAM in 2022. A long-standing collaboration led to the acquisition: Velocio is now part of SRAM. Together, the two companies are creating creative synergies to advance cycling culture. Both sides benefit from the deal to this day: Velocio retains its independence and the core of its brand. SRAM has been able to expand its own portfolio with products that the established cycling specialist is absolutely convinced of.

This Is What Makes Velocio Clothing So Special

Velocio's mission is to design and manufacture cycling clothing that is among the best in the world. But what is it that makes it so special?

  • Comfort: Velocio puts a lot of effort into making sure its clothing feels good and is tailored to your needs. Two examples: The women's bib shorts allow you to quickly remove your shorts for bio-breaks. The RECON hoodie combines warm merino wool with strategically placed woven fabrics in key areas.
  • Performance: Velocio cycling apparel is not just about comfort, it is also about performance. The aerodynamic design helps you cut through the air and get where you need to go.
  • Compression: Velocio is designed to provide optimal compression and muscle support for all body types and all types of cycling. Compression reduces muscle fatigue and increases endurance performance. The LUXE bib shorts lead the way, keeping your legs fit even on the longest rides.
  • Freedom of movement: Thanks to their sophisticated cut and ultra-lightweight fabrics, Velocio garments offer total freedom of movement, no matter how intense or long the ride.
  • Breathability: Velocio garments efficiently move excess heat and moisture away from the body, keeping you fresh and dry. With ZERO HL, Signature Softshell and Rain, you can take advantage of this technology.
  • Optimal fit: With Velocio, fit and size are two separate elements. Fit refers to how the garment fits you. Important aspects are compression, breathability and support. Size is about classic body measurements. It doesn't matter if you are XS or XXL, Velocio makes sure that every garment fits perfectly and does its job.

Sustainability at Velocio

Velocio demonstrates that high quality, functionality and sustainability can go hand in hand. It is this combination that makes the brand so special and sets it apart from many others.

Velocio focuses on sustainable materials, durability and timeless design. Many of the collections are made exclusively from polyester, which is sourced from marine waste in the EU. Alternatively, the company uses natural materials.

"1% for the planet": In 2017, Velocio became the first cycling apparel brand to join the movement of companies investing 1 per cent of their annual turnover to protect the environment. Velocio's focus is on projects such as the development of cycle paths. In 2023, Velocio launched a special edition of the Bivo bottle to highlight its work for 1% for the Planet. The minimalist design uses little material and the bottle is durable. All proceeds from the sale of this bottle will be donated to 1% for the Planet.

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Are you looking for quality cycling clothing that helps protect our planet and promotes cycling culture? Then Velocio is the brand for you. Here you will find several Velocio collections. If you need additional equipment for your ride, competition or next outdoor adventure, you will also find many other products from top brands that you can order at the same time. Use one shop for all your equipment and benefit from clear ordering processes and less packaging waste.