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Panaracer – Quality Tires for Every Trail

Panaracer sees itself as a cycling partner for life. A partner who provides you with the best possible tires for every bike ride. Thanks to their use of patented technologies, the products offer maximum safety and performance. Tires are crucial to your bike's performance – because even the most difficult route can be mastered with the right set of tires. Whether you are planning adventures in the mountains, along roads or off the beaten track – Panaracer has the tires you need.

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Panaracer Bike Tires for Every Off-Road Adventure

The manufacturer from Japan knows how to make versatile tires. For example, Panaracer offers Gravelking: an all-rounder series that can handle both paved roads and unpaved terrain. Thanks to a special rubber compound, folding tires like Gravelking SS and Gravelking SK have a low rolling resistance. This means the tires’ traction has no effect on your riding experience. In addition, the patented blend is resistant to small cuts caused by tiny, sharp stones. Every cyclist has experienced a tire going flat overnight. The reason is often an inconspicuous little stone that has bored into the tire while riding. These tires have a tread pattern that has been designed to grip all surfaces.

Gravelking Tires for More Demanding Routes

If you prefer faster rides on rough terrain, Panaracer offers Gravelking EXT. These have a more aggressive tread pattern that maintains traction even on muddy surfaces. This way you can master even the most challenging gravel tracks. Here, too, the rubber compound provides better durability and performance. When cycling off-road, sharp-edged stones are not uncommon and can put an abrupt end to your ride. Good tires also prevent associated accidents by not instantly going flat after minor damage.

Panaracer Folding and Clincher Tires for Road Bikes

Besides their special gravel tires, Panaracer also offers tires exclusively for road bikes. These have a tread that provides excellent grip on the roads, making these tires ideal for use on long tours and in the city. Their good rideability allows you to move even faster in the city. Tires like the Panaracer Agilest convince with low rolling resistance, puncture resistance and low weight.

Panaracer 26", 27,5" & 29" Tires for MTBs

Panaracer's high quality standards are not only found in its asphalt and gravel tires. The manufacturer also produces robust MTB tires with a more aggressive tread. You won't lose grip with these tires, even on fast downhill rides, as long as they stay in contact with the ground. Tires made of resistant material are really crucial, especially when it comes to mountain bikes. Whether you are a professional cyclist or a weekend rider, your bike's tires must be robust. This is where Panaracer shines for its materials expertise, and it offers robust tires with special rubber compounds. This ensures your riding fun is never cut short by small stones.

Powerful Panaracer Tires in Various Sizes and Widths

Its popular tires come in different sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of bikes and cyclists. Panaracer Gravelking tires are available in 28 inch and other sizes. The wide selection includes a huge range of tire widths, profiles and color designs that leave nothing to be desired.

The Japanese manufacturer offers a wide range of bicycle tires as well as the kits for patching any minor damage. Simply browse through our online shop and find the tires to suit you. You will also find entire bicycles on offer, which come with all the equipment. Create your own bike to suit your own personal taste and needs perfectly with BIKE24.