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SCOTT E-Bike Innovation for Asphalt and Offroad

What distinguishes a SCOTT e-bike from a conventional bike from SCOTT? One thing is for sure: The differences are neither in the quality nor in the modern, stylish design. SCOTT e-bikes are 100 percent in line with the SCOTT philosophy: they are innovative, proven and perfectly tuned to you. Thanks to the electric motor, they also offer a few little treats: You climb the mountains faster and can ride longer tours. You gain time, get ahead more comfortably and faster and enjoy the pure pleasure on two wheels.

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SCOTT E-Mountain Bikes

SCOTT is a true mountain bike pioneer and this status has also earned SCOTT for its E-mountain bikes. The SCOTT E-MTB models not only look good - they are full of innovations. SCOTT has the right bike for every taste in the program: for endurance tours and for everyday use, the SCOTT Sport E-MTB models are just right. Light, fast and agile are the attributes that best describe SCOTT Trail E-MTBs. Do you want to enjoy maximum riding fun, especially downhill? Should your bike also be the shuttle that takes you up to the next trail start? Then you should look around in the category SCOTT Enduro E-MTB. By the way, many e-mountain bikes from SCOTT are available in a version specifically for women. SCOTT women's e-bikes have the name suffix Contessa. 

SCOTT E-Road Bikes: Speed Meets Pleasure

Road bikes are lightning-fast vehicles with which you can glide across asphalt roads and paths with lightning speed. Is a motor necessary at all, or does it not get in the way of the sporting aspirations of road cyclists? Of course, a SCOTT e-roadbike is not for tough mountain training or racing. However, there are numerous areas of use where a SCOTT e-road bike offers real advantages. An e-road bike is great for casual endurance training: thanks to the e-motor, you can eliminate unwanted power peaks and complete clean endurance training. When you return to cycling after an injury or break, e-road bikes offer you a relaxed re-entry. Last but not least, e-road bikes are ideal for commuting: Thanks to the e-motor, you can easily cycle to the office and do not arrive completely sweaty. The most important advantage of a SCOTT e-road bike is the maximum fun factor: With an e-road bike you can easily climb mountains, ride faster and go on longer tours.

SCOTT road bikes are known for not compromising. They are lightweight, efficient, perfectly adapted to the needs of their riders and insanely aesthetic. SCOTT has the same high standards when developing its e-road bikes. The goal is to build e-roadbikes that you can't see their e-drive. We would say: SCOTT has succeeded damn well! With all SCOTT Addict RC eRide models you have to look with eagle eyes to notice that it is an e-bike. The slim Mahle hub motor and the discreetly hidden in the down tube batteries make it possible. 

SCOTT E-Trekking and SCOTT E-Touring: For Long Pleasure Tours

Are you looking for an e-bike for all occasions? One with which you can go on long tours through the countryside at the weekend? At the same time you are looking for an E-MTB that brings you comfortably to work during the week and that is suitable to do the weekly shopping? Welcome to SCOTT E-Trekking and SCOTT E-Touring bikes! These two categories combine the best of different worlds. Call it a commuting bike with mountain bike genes or an everyday mountain bike - the fact is: SCOTT E-Trekking and SCOTT E-Touring Bikes are the perfect companions in all situations.

SCOTT E-Trekking and SCOTT E-Touring bikes are available in different equipment packages, so you can find the perfect E-MTB for you. If you like to go off-road, the full-suspension SCOTT Axis eRide Evo Tour FS is perfect for you. For purists, the unsuspended Axis is perfect. Women are happy about the compact frame of the Axis Lady version. Thanks to luggage racks, all Axis models are extremely versatile in everyday use. From shopping to a travel bag: You can transport everything with it.
If your focus is more in urban use, the SCOTT Sub Tour eRide models are your thing. They are available in all possible variations. Special women's model, as well as a unisex low entry make sure that everyone feels great.

Category City Electric Bike SCOTT: Bye, Traffic Madness!

Traffic in our cities is getting crazier and crazier. Long traffic jams, stressed people looking for parking, plus noise and exhaust fumes. With an electric city bike from SCOTT, this is an end once and for all. Instead of standing in traffic jams, you enjoy the quiet bike path through the park. While the others are still looking for a parking space, you already have a cup of fresh, hot coffee in your hand. In fact, it's been proven for a long time: With an e-bike, you're faster in the city than with any car.
The city e-bikes from SCOTT are not only fast, but extremely stylish and technically up to date. The various models of the SCOTT Sub Sport eRide transport you comfortably through the city. They do not stop at occasional excursions into unpaved terrain. The SCOTT Silence eRide is a true commuting specialist. Its modern design and advanced battery technology make it a pioneer of the transport revolution. And it goes even faster: with Bosch Performance Speed drive unit it offers support up to 45 km/h! In search of a city e-bike from SCOTT, of course, ladies will also find what they are looking for.

SCOTT E-MTB or E-Urban Bike - Which One is Right for Me?

An E-MTB from SCOTT...

- has wider tires with thick lug profile
- usually has significantly more suspension travel
- has a significantly sportier geometry
- usually comes without mudguards and without lighting
- has more powerful brakes and special MTB components such as a hydraulic adjustable seatpost and a MTB circuit with appropriate gear ratio

A SCOTT E-Urban bike...

- usually has narrower tires with less tread
- Comes with optimal geometry for urban use. It has a more upright, comfortable riding position
- is equipped with mudguards and a luggage rack
- usually has lighting
- is additionally equipped with a frame lock.

What is the Difference between a SCOTT Pedelec and a SCOTT S-Pedelec?

There is no speed limit for conventional bikes and e-bikes. For e-bikes, there is instead a maximum speed for motor assistance. In Germany, this speed is 25 km/h for pedelecs. If you go faster, the motor turns off. This is the difference between pedelecs and S-pedelecs: S-pedelecs support your ride up to a speed of 45 km/h. By the way: You have to pedal with all pedelecs. The motor assistance is only activated when you turn the pedal. Depending on the mode, your pedal power is then boosted by up to 300 percent.

What is the Range of my SCOTT E-Bike?

This question cannot be answered in a general way. Various factors are responsible for how much energy a battery has to contribute in addition to your pedal power:

- The topography: Are you constantly going up and down hills, or are you riding on the flat all the time?
- The total weight: How much do you weigh? Do you have additional heavy luggage mounted? The higher the total weight of your bike including you and your luggage, the more battery power is needed.
- Which mode do you have set and how much do you pedal yourself? Logical: If you ride all the time in turbo mode and pedal little yourself, your battery must perform accordingly more.
- As with a conventional bicycle, environmental conditions have an influence on the required drive energy. For example, poor road conditions are just as energy-intensive as strong headwinds.

Do I need Insurance for my SCOTT E-Bike?

With a pedelec, the electric motor supports you up to a speed of 25 km/h and a maximum power of 250 watts. Pedelecs are legally equivalent to normal bicycles. This means that you do not need a registration or insurance. A good anti-theft insurance is recommended in any case. 
The situation is different for an S-pedelec: Here, the motor may deliver up to 4000 watts and support up to 45 km/h. For S-pedelecs you need an operating license, an insurance license plate and liability insurance. You also need a class AM or B driver's license (Germany).