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Shimano MTB Shoes for More Pleasure on the Trails

Shimano MTB shoes are slip-resistant, stable and ultra comfortable. In combination with the in-house Shimano SPD clipless pedal system, they form the perfect unit with your pedals. From cross-country to enduro: The stylish mountain bike shoes from Shimano bring all the features so that you feel at home on any trail.

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Always a Good Choice: Shimano Mountain Bike Shoes

Shimano mountain bike shoes are appreciated by mountain bikers around the world. They offer durability, comfort and are perfectly matched to the in-house SPD click system. Whether you prefer to roll over relaxed gravel paths or are constantly on the lookout for the steepest trails: a MTB shoe from Shimano guarantees you a perfect connection to the bike, optimal safety and last but not least a pleasant, comfortable driving experience. Here are some of the most important features of Shimano mountain bike shoes:

  1. Durability: Shimano mountain bike shoes are extremely robust and durable. They are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Whether you're on wet or dry trails, summer or winter: MTB shoes from Shimano are for all weather conditions and applications to have.
  2. Shimano clipless pedal system: Shimano SPD MTB shoes are optimized for the powerful SPD pedal system, which allows a secure connection between shoe and pedal. With this system you can power and can use the energy you put on the pedal more efficiently.
  3. Comfort: MTB shoes from Shimano offer outstanding comfort. Breathable materials ensure in the summer that your feet stay cool and dry on hot days. For winter, there are models with windproof and waterproof uppers and a warm lining. Soft soles ensure a comfortable fit. Particularly grippy rubber compounds of the profile provide optimum grip. Many Shimano MTB shoes use the Surround Wrapping upper shoe technology. Here, the upper shoe seamlessly encloses the entire foot, which provides a noticeably better fit.
  4. Design: Shimano mountain bike shoes are equipped with a modern and stylish design. They come in a variety of colors and look great when you're out on the trail. In other words: If you're looking for a high-quality and reliable mountain bike shoe, you should definitely consider Shimano mountain bike shoes.

Perfect Match: Shimano SPD MTB Shoes and Shimano SPD Pedals

If you're mountain biking with clipless pedals on the road, you're right with products from Shimano. Shimano SPD shoes are not for nothing a synonym for clipless pedal shoes. Shoes and pedals from the same manufacturer to buy, of course, has advantages. Thanks to the perfect match between shoes and pedals you can rely on maximum efficiency and best comfort. Shimano has for each MTB discipline the right combination ready:

  • The new Enduro trail pedal from Shimano allows a better grip between shoe and pedal. The large contact surface provides more stability and improved driving control. The shoes of the Shimano ME series are perfectly suited for enduro use.
  • For all-mountain and cross-country use, there is a wide range of shoes that are ideal for these applications. You can already tell by the name where Shimano places its shoe models: The XC models are particularly well suited for cross-country use. If all-mountain is your thing, take a closer look at the AM shoes. For all these models Shimano offers a wide range of matching clipless pedals.
  • In the classic Gravity disciplines, your MTB footwear is particularly demanding. They must be robust, protect you from blows from stones or ground contact, provide the best grip when running and perfect grip on the pedal. These requirements are Shimano shoes of the GR series perfectly meet. This fits best Shimano SPD pedals of the Enduro / Trail / All-Mountain series. They have a large contact surface for excellent grip and a secure riding experience.

Shimano MTB Shoes for Women

In addition to the Shimano MTB shoe models for men, the Japanese manufacturer has of course also a range of MTB shoes for women in the program. Shimano MTB women's shoes always carry the name suffix "ladies", so you can easily recognize them. Shimano women's shoes are not only visually tailored to the preferences of women. Their women-specific lasts provide a natural, comfortable fit and meet the female anatomy of the foot.

Speaking of "lasts", Shimano pays particularly close attention to this area in all its shoes. In extensive studies, the Japanese found that this area is particularly important in terms of efficiency and comfort. The result is specially adapted lasts for every purpose. This technology is called Shimano Dynalast.

Special Shimano Shoes for Special Occasions

When it's particularly uncomfortable or blisteringly hot outside, you need a shoe that's made for it. Therefore, Shimano offers shoe models that differ from the classic all-weather shoe:

  • Shimano shoes with the abbreviation MW are optimized for use in winter. A fluffy fleece lining keeps your feet cozy and warm. Wind- and waterproof upper materials - such as the proven Dryshield membrane - keep snow, mud and rain from penetrating the inside of the shoe. Some winter models are equipped with BOA twist closure. This guarantees perfect function even when heavily soiled. In this way, Shimano MTB winter shoes can be opened and closed smoothly even under difficult conditions.
  • In summer, the opposite awaits you: when it gets so warm that uncomfortable heat accumulates in your MTB shoe, it's time for a particularly airy shoe. For this purpose, the models of the Shimano Mountain Touring series are ideally suited. A particularly "fresh" idea for the summer is the SPD bike sandal from this model series. It wears like a sandal, but offers high efficiency and a safe driving experience as normal Shimano MTB click shoes.
  • E-bikes make special demands on your material. This also applies to the footwear. With its own series of Shimano e-bike shoes, the Japanese meet this trend. But what actually makes a Shimano e-bike shoe? Shimano attaches great importance to its e-bike shoes being suitable for all-round use. That is why they offer excellent driving characteristics and long-lasting comfort, but also perfect running characteristics. Shimano E-MTB shoes are thus perfectly equipped for everyday use. They combine the casual style of a leisure shoe and their comfortable feel with the efficiency of a Shimano MTB shoe.

For Freedom Lovers: Shimano Flat Pedal Shoes

Shimano Flat Pedal shoes are the perfect choice for you if you love maximum freedom when driving. Thanks to particularly stiff soles, these shoes offer you maximum grip and maximum efficiency even without clipless pedal system. Unlike a click shoe, there is no fixed connection to the pedal. This is important in the disciplines of freeride and dirt jump, but some riders prefer this freedom also in downhill and enduro riding. Flat pedal shoes from Shimano are also an excellent choice for everyday use. They combine good grip on the pedals with very good running characteristics and a casual look. Incidentally, Shimano has matching also different flat pedals (also called platform pedals) in the program.