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DMT Shoes - Italian Style and Highest Functionality

DMT shoes come from the land of cycling: Italy. There they are developed, designed and manufactured. With Italian style and full of passion for good design and maximum functionality. Another ingredient is in every DMT shoe: decades of experience. The company was founded in 1978 and since then has pursued a great goal: to produce shoes that allow every cyclist to grow beyond him or herself.

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DMT Cycling Shoes Define The Standard

The Italian company has always had high standards for itself: The Italians do not want to chase trends, but define the standard. In this mission, they are always on the lookout for genuine innovations. There are quite a few of these in the company's history. Many years ago DMT started a partnership with BOA and equipped selected models with the revolutionary BOA Fit System. The company is constantly on the lookout for new materials. For example, an extremely lightweight polyurethane film came out of which a featherweight, aerodynamic road cycling shoe was built. In 2018, DMT caused another sensation with its 3D knit technology: the innovative fabric is so light, breathable and comfortable that you almost don't notice you're wearing a shoe. In short, at DMT they are constantly trying to make good shoes even better. In this mission, numerous professionals help. DMT works with various cycling teams. The most prominent DMT rider is currently without a doubt the two-time Tour de France winner Tadej Pogaćar. With Alberto Contador, the Italians have a real racing cycling legend on the team.

DMT Cycling Shoes: The Complete Collection From Road Bike To MTB

The roots of DMT lie in the classic road bike sport. Over the decades, DMT has constantly looked outside the box and was open to new trends. Today, the Italian company has high-quality footwear for many cycling disciplines in the program. The current DMT collection includes the following model series:

  • DMT Road Shoes
  • DMT Gravel shoes
  • DMT Triathlon shoes
  • DMT MTB XC and MTB Enduro shoes
  • After Race shoes

DMT Road Bike Shoes: High Tech and High Performance

In the development of DMT road cycling shoes are world-renowned cyclists involved. These include, for example, World Tour rider Elia Viviani and Tour de France winner Tadej Pogaćar - to name just a few. DMT shoes must meet the highest standards and they succeed. DMT road cycling shoes are lightweight, fast and efficient. And they are extremely comfortable, for which the new 3D Knit technology is responsible. Most DMT road cycling shoes are equipped with the proven BOA Fit closure, which ensures a perfect fit. If you prefer the classic lace, you will also find. The lacing model from the house of DMT must also meet the highest standards. It is not surprising that DMT says the following about this shoe: It is the fastest lace-up shoe in the world!

DMT Gravel Shoes: Lots of Grip, Maximum Comfort and Great Style

So far there is only one Gravel model, but that has it in itself. Packed with innovations, it combines light weight, perfect fit, high breathability and special robustness to withstand the rigors of gravel use. The DMT Gravel shoe is made of the innovative 3D Knit knitted fabric. This is breathable and offers just enough stretch to fit the foot perfectly. The shoe is reinforced in various places and protected from abrasion by stones or mud. The high-quality Michelin sole is exceptionally stiff and provides excellent grip. Equipped with laces, the DMT Gravel shoe is exceptionally stylish!

DMT Triathlon Shoe: Super Fast in Every Way

Shoes for triathlon use must be up to special challenges. These include supposed banalities: A triathlon shoe should, for example, be extremely quick to put on in order to keep the changeover time between disciplines short. In addition, the shoe must fit perfectly without socks. Of course, DMT has thought of such details. In addition, the DMT triathlon shoe is exceptionally efficient. This is ensured by the stiff carbon sole, which transforms every stepped watt into speed. DMT triathlon shoes are equipped with knit elements and proven BOA Fit closure.

Light, Fast, Comfortable: DMT MTB Shoes for Cross-Country Use

DMT has a wide range of shoes for cross country use in the program. From the super light Race shoe to the comfortable endurance specialist, you are guaranteed to find the right shoe. Each individual model is packed with technological highlights. BOA Fits closures and the revolutionary knit upper provide the perfect fit. Ultra efficient carbon soles provide lossless propulsion. For the cold season DMT has a special winter MTB shoe in the program. This is significantly lighter and slimmer than ordinary MTB winter shoes, but offers perfect protection against cold and water.

Ride with Style: Enduro Shoes by DMT

The brothers Alex and Denny Lupato have been riding mountain bikes for about 20 years and are now legends in the field of enduro and freeride. The two Italian MTB pilots are equipped with DMT shoes and provide valuable feedback for the development of DMT Enduro shoes. These are at first glance exceptionally stylish and would easily pass as fashionable sneakers. Upon closer inspection, many thoughtful features stand out. These include the high-quality Michelin soles, which provide excellent grip when used with flat pedals. DMT also uses the revolutionary 3D Knit process in its Enduro shoes. The knit upper provides an excellent fit and is exceptionally comfortable. It also provides high stability and is extremely breathable.