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Yeti Bikes - Ride-focused Mountain Bikes, Frames & Clothing

The cult brand Yeti Cycles has been inspiring the MTB scene since 1985 with extraordinary premium mountain bikes that are uncompromisingly geared towards performance, individuality and riding fun. What began in 1993 with the legendary ARC aluminium frame is continued today with the TURQ carbon frames of Enduro champion Richie Rude. Matching the Yeti bikes and frames, the jerseys, shorts, jackets and gloves of the Yeti Bike wear collection offer you everything you need to conquer any trail.

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Yeti Bikes - Passion for MTB Sports since 1985

Hardly any bicycle manufacturer is more closely connected to the MTB racing scene than Yeti Cycles. In 1985, John Parker – a welder from Hollywood who was hit by the mountain bike euphoria – started making mountain bike frames for race events in California. Yeti Cycles was born. Within a few years, Parker's bikes were making a splash in the MTB racing community. Yeti bikes, like the Pro FRO and the C26, dominated the scene at will. The brand's success was already based on meticulous research and development: on the racetrack, together with MTB greats such as Juli Furtado, Missy Giove or John Tomac, and in collaboration with Chuck Taxeira from the aluminum tube set manufacturer Easton. With the legendary ARC, Yeti revolutionized mountain biking in the early 90s. The Hardtail was the first mountain bike with an aluminium frame made of butted tubes
Competitions and a consistent ride-focused mindset - from the developer to the mechanic to the professional rider of the Yeti Enduro Team - are still the basis for the success of the frames, bikes, components and accessories of Yeti Cycles. Whether Yeti's SB130 trail rocket or Richie Rude's SB150 enduro racing machine, Yeti Cycles' MTB product range meets all the demands you place on a premium mountain bike.

Yeti TURQ & Switch Infinity: Innovative Technologies for Exceptional Mountain Bikes

Over the decades turquoise has become the trademark of Yeti Cycles and a synonym for high-end mountain biking par excellence. With the T-Series resp. TURQ-Series the bike enthusiasts from Colorado underline their claim to make every mountain bike something special without compromise: All TURQ frames are made of high-modulus carbon and achieve a perfect balance between lightweight construction and stiffness. Of course, the Yeti TURQ-Series bikes are tested extensively and continuously improved by the best of the best on the world's toughest trails.
The Switch Infinity rear suspension system, developed in cooperation with Fox Factory, is the top feature of all full-suspension Yeti models. It is a linear guide that shifts the main pivot point of the rear triangle depending on the suspension travel. This results in outstanding riding characteristics on any terrain and in any riding situation: if the pivot point shifts, the wheelbase increases and you climb uphill more efficiently. If you dive deeper into the suspension travel, the pivot point lowers and you feel like you have endless suspension range.

Yeti SB115: More Travel, More Fun

Trail bike, down country bike or touring bike? Whatever it may be, the Yeti SB115 will allow you to efficiently manage every uphill and to ride down the trail in an incredibly smooth way. To achieve this, Yeti has consistently refined the popular SB100: The rear suspension travel has been increased to 115 mm and is combined with a 130 mm suspension fork. The result is a well-balanced touring-fully for endless riding fun in every situation

Yeti SB130 & SB140: The Lunchride Trail Bikes of the Yeti Crew

Designed for technically challenging climbs and high-speed downhill runs in the Colorado Mountains, the Yeti SB130 is a true trail rocket and ready for any kind of adventure. The rear end with Switch Infinity technology offers more agility, comfort and traction thanks to the new kinematics. 29" tires and the progressive frame geometry also provide unrestrained traction uphill and great handling downhill. 
For 27.5-inch fans, Yeti Cycles has got the SB140, a cool trail shredder that lets you take off and go wild whenever you want.

Yeti SB150 & SB165: Following the Tracks of the Enduro World Series Champions & Bikepark Junkies

The SB150 is designed in every detail to meet the challenging up- and downhill passages of the Enduro World Series. The Enduro MTB has been given a slack geometry with long reach, flat steering and a steep seat angle. The SB150 also features a Fox Factory fork with 170 mm travel and a Switch Infinity rear triangle – the heart of all Yeti fullys – which is designed for 150 mm travel. The result: an enormously versatile enduro racer that provides the perfect balance of sensitive response, smooth running and direct handling.
The Yeti SB165 is the model for heavy duty rides. Flat and long, with massive suspension travel and coil dampers, this 27.5" Enduro Freerider absorbs everything that gets in its way.