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Giant Bikes – Success Through Diversity

Giant was founded in Taiwan in 1972 and is now the largest bike manufacturer in the world. In addition to trekking and touring bikes, road bikes and mountain bikes have always been part of the company’s range. The company is also the original supplier for numerous other major brands and is the official supplier of several cycling teams. In addition, the manufacturer has always been a pioneer in the development of modern bicycles.

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Giant Bikes: the Engine of Innovation

One reason for the great success of Giant bikes has been its innovative use of aluminium. The manufacturer created high-quality aluminium frames early on using special production processes and intense quality control. Even today, most of the brand’s bicycle frames are made of the lightweight metal. Aluminium is unbeatable in some respects, especially in the lower or medium price segment and for everyday bicycles. The quality of Giant’s products is such that other bike manufacturers also use the brand's high-quality aluminium frames.

However, the manufacturer’s real engine of innovation has emerged through its experiments with carbon frames. It was already using carbon fibres in 1984, making Giant one of the pioneers in the development of the modern carbon frame. In 1996, the company finally launched the first complete bike frame made of carbon. Since then, the manufacturer has succeeded in making technological advances in this area, while incorporating them into modern designs.

Success as an Original Equipment Manufacturer

The fact that Giant bikes consist of high-quality components is also demonstrated by the fact that several other renowned bicycle brands have chosen the manufacturer as their OEM. Big brands use its components in their own models.

The Defining Features of Giant Bicycles

The typical Giant bicycle has a special frame geometry featuring the so-called Compact Road Design. Essentially, this consists in the fact that the top tube of the frame drops off significantly towards the seat tube. As a result, the two typical triangles of the bicycle frame are significantly smaller and more compact than would normally be the case. First of all, this has the advantage of reducing the frame weight. In addition, this also improves the rigidity of the bike – and thus the riding experience. Another advantage is the greater adjustability of the saddle height. This shape is also known as the sloping frame.

Giant Road Bikes

The Giant road bikes collection features a wide range of carbon bikes, which are used by professionals from the UCI World Team, alongside affordable versions for recreational cyclists and amateur athletes. In addition, the Liv Series includes special road bikes for women, the geometry of which is specially adapted to the female body.

Giant Mountain Bikes

The manufacturer offers a very large selection of mountain bikes including downhill, cross country, enduro, marathon and general trail bikes. There are also slightly cheaper hardtails and full suspension bikes. Depending on the price segment, models with carbon frames will be another option.

Giant E-Bikes

The Giant bike range includes an e-bike with several small but important features. This model features the use of Yamaha engines, which are some of the most compact engines on the market. This makes them an ideal match for the typically compact road design of Giant bikes. In addition, some models have a so-called Intube Construction, in which the power packs are attached inside the down tube of the frame. That way, the batteries will be better protected. This is particularly useful if you want to ride an e-mountain bike such as the Dirt E + through difficult terrain.

Giant Trekking Bikes

The Aspiro and Argento series are among the most popular Giant trekking bikes. The Argento range offers a little more comfort than the norm. Models in both series are exceptionally robust and at the same time light thanks to the aluminium frame, and both feature a functional, stable luggage rack. Even on longer tours, they will offer great riding comfort and flexible ways to carry your luggage.