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Hybrid bikes ‒ ideal for everyday cyclists with a sporty streak

These bikes love the road, but can also do forest and field paths: cross bikes are the sporty all-rounders of the bike world. They’re mainly suited for tour riders and everyday heroes combining hybrid biking with fun and fitness. You can do supplementary endurance training with a hybrid bike, for example. Its versatility is especially attractive for anyone wanting to buy a hybrid bike: it’s versatile, affordable and comfortable, and comes in different versions for men and women. Read more

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Key hybrid bike equipment information

Typical hybrid bike features:

  • well-equipped at an affordable price
  • tires on 28-inch wheels
  • mix of road bike and MTB
  • straight handlebars (flatbars)
  • comfortable, upright sitting position and comfortable saddle, with little to no saddle elevation compared to a road bike
  • specific frame geometries and shapes for women’s (trapeze frame with lowered top tube) and men’s hybrid bikes
  • compact frame with high front and sloping top tube for an ergonomic sitting position and easy get on and off thanks to low stand-over-height

And hybrid bikes usually have this technical equipment:

  • Shimano & SRAM derailleur systems with up to 3x10-speeds (exceptionally, Shimano internal gear hubs with up to 11 gears)
  • versatile drivetrain setups e.g. 3x10-speed, 3x9-speed, 3x8-speed or 1x12-speed
  • Aluminium frames are common, carbon and steel rather less
  • predominantly hydraulic disc brakes, exceptionally easier-maintenance mechanical disc brakes (rim brakes are considered outdated)
  • good balance between rolling resistance and grip due to a negative tread or a tread with low studs and 1.5- to 2-inch tires
  • usually front suspension (hardtail): suspension forks with 60 to 80 mm travel
  • vast majority come without mudguards, sometimes off the rack also with lights

Depending on design and model, hybrid bikes for men and women have different pros and cons, which we explain below.

Pure cross bike or everyday hybrid bike?

Depending on how you want to use a hybrid bicycle, you have a number of different options:

Hybrid bicycle as sport and touring model<

These versions are reduced to the essentials, making them lighter and low-maintenance. The have low rolling resistance, with no components to wobble off-road: these hybrid bikes are ideal for supplementary endurance training. And their clean lines make them aesthetic winners. If you want expand their features, high-quality add-on bike equipment and accessories like mudguards can be fitted individually post-purchase.

Fact: these bikes are ideal for hybrid bike tours in the city and on easy terrain and supplementary fitness training in good weather.

Hybrid bikes for every day

Looking for cross bike for your commute or weekly shop? You’ll always look good in the big urban jungle on a men’s or women’s hybrid bike equipped for everyday use. Add-ons and accessories like mudguards, stands, fixed lights and light sets come as standard. These make off-road adventures an option at lower speeds. Fenders repel dirt and spray and fixed dynamo lights make these hybrid bikes compliant with traffic regulations.

Battery lights are usually easy to retro-fit to a range of cross bikes. Hybrid bikes with side stands are really practical for everyday use: they park easily and securely almost anywhere.

To conclude, these models make fast everyday companions but are also good hybrid bikes for touring.

Frame material: aluminium, steel or carbon hybrid bike?

Aluminium is the main frame material for men’s and women’s hybrid bikes. It can be formed to suit stress, is comparatively light and enables a direct power transmission. And it‘s relatively inexpensive and durable, as it’s less sensitive to everyday use than other materials.

Carbon hybrid bikes are pricey and pretty rare. Their big plus: the frame can be made much lighter. Steel-framed cross bikes are also available. Their thinner tube sets make them aesthetically pleasing and they can give a comfortable, "lively" ride. But they are also heavier than aluminium and carbon hybrid bikes.

Hybrid bike shifting systems

Most men’s and women’s hybrid bikes are equipped with derailleur systems featuring 3 chain rings and front derailleurs plus 9 or 10 rear sprockets. They are easier to maintain and spare parts are cheaper.

1x narrow-wide chainring setups are an attractive alternative, combined with an 11 or 12-speed cassette for sufficient gear range when touring in and around cities. They are less prone to problems and lighter on maintenance.

Buying a hybrid bike ‒ online from BIKE24

If you’re into cross-biking and looking to buy one online, you need to determine the right bike frame size first, so that the bike suits both you and your body size. If you’re wondering if you need to do any finishing touches when your cross bicycle arrives or if you can take it out right away, you’ll find all information for bike assembly here.

If you have any questions or need advice, you can contact our customer service team any time. We’ll be happy to help!