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Cyclocross Bikes – Off-Road Fun & Thrilling Race Feeling on 33 mm Tire Width

Enter the CX cosmos with our bikes and explore the fascination of riding with narrow studded tires over mud, sand and much more. We tell you what is so special about a cyclocross bike and what you should pay special attention to in terms of features when buying. We also give you an overview of the price ranges, so that you can find your way through our nice selection of cx bikes right away. Get ready to make the sand crunch and click on Read more

What Is a Cyclocross Bike?

A cyclocross bike is an off-road racing bike that meets international UCI regulations. It has wider tires (usually 33 mm) with studs and more ground clearance thanks to a lower bottom bracket drop. In addition, the derailleur system has a special Cyclocross ratio and a wide range of gears. Many cyclocross bikes today have a more simplified 1x drivetrain. Most current cx bikes have modern disc brakes. The construction and specifications of CX bikes are optimally adapted for use in fast cross races, for winter training, or for effective recreational sport over forest trails, through meadows and over gravel roads of course.

Frame and Tires of a Cyclocross Bike

The close relationship of the cyclocross-bike to the conventional road bike is easily visible. Not only is a road bike handle bar (drop bar) used on the cyclocrosser, but the frame of a cyclocross bike is also based on the aggressive geometry of a classic road bike. However, the used cyclocross frames also distinguish because f a rather short top tube and head tube providing a shorter wheelbase and a rather flat steering angle. These features allow for optimal control on steep descents. Since you will also ride over roots, branches and stones more often with a cyclocross bicycle, the ground clearance is greater compared to a road bike: the bottom bracket is a considerable bit higher.

Anyone who rides a cyclocross bike does not ride just any ordinary bicycle – he wants to be one thing above all: fast across off-road terrain! And this without being slowed down by any obstacle for longer than necessary. That's why cyclocross frames must be nimble, light and strong. No surprise that the materials used are almost exclusively. Mostly you can either choose the particularly light, strong and, depending on the layer, shock absorbing carbon or stiff aluminium. In contrast to classic road bikes, however, cx bikes are designed for solidness. Instead of thin-walled aero frames, reinforced tubes with a cross-section suitable for higher loads are used.

Another important feature of cyclocross frames is caused by the special tires: The rear end and fork of cx bikes are designed to allow the use of wider tires compared to road bikes. Classic road bike tires have little to no profile (slicks) and are usually between 23 and 28 mm wide. Typically, cyclocross tires, on the other hand, usually have a width of 33 mm. So, they comply the official upper limit for competitions set by the International Cycling Union (UCI). However, the use of even wider and thus more comfortable tires is often possible.

Special Features of Drivetrain and Brakes

A CX bike is not designed to maintain a certain speed for as many kilometers as possible at an optimal cadence. What matters is high acceleration from corners and the ability to overcome many short, very steep climbs.

A cassette gear ratio of 11-36 teeth, which is particularly popular for cyclocross derailleur systems, makes it possible to ride both downhill and uphill. The steps between the different cogs are greater than, for example, with a typical road bike cassette with 12-25 teeth. These cassettes should be light and stepped as closely as possible to the desired cadence of the athlete. In cyclocross, the larger gear steps are even desired because they allow for a faster acceleration on a short straight.

Almost all currently available cyclocross bikes are built with only one unguided narrow-wide chainring. A single, medium-sized chainring with 38 or 40 teeth instead of 46/36 is very popular setup among cyclocross riders, because it simplifies the drivetrain and reduces the risk of malfunction. 
In order to ensure the widest possible gear range, cassettes with 11-42 or even up to 10-52 teeth can be used.

While cantilever brakes were used in the early days, today you can virtually only buy cyclocross bicycles that have hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes. Mountain bikes were the forerunners in this development. Compared to rim brakes, disc brakes allow for higher and better doseable braking power and good control even in the wet and the use of tires and rims with different widths without any problems.

A CX Bike – What Is It Good For?

A cyclocross bike is the right choice if you want to ride especially fast and sporty also off the tarmac. Many athletes rely on the cx bike to keep fit in the cold season or seek the challenge in special CX races. The courses prepared for this purpose, e.g. over sand, mud, snow, are additionally peppered with obstacles – on this terrain cx bikes are in their element. Their design, which is optimized for aerodynamics, low weight and agility, allows top acceleration values; even during hill runs with the bike on the shoulder. Since it is used more for records and top performance, it is also not surprising that the racing machines are mostly come without mounting points for luggage racks and fenders for even lower weight.

How Much Does a Cyclocross Bike Cost?

Even the bikes up to around €2,000 which are aimed at entry-level riders offer top performance at an affordable price. Thanks to their solid components – frame, wheels and cockpit made of aluminium – these bikes are primarily designed for durability, but hardly match the rolling characteristics of the mid-range and high-end class. The bikes in the mid-range price segment up to about €3,500 often already shed a lot of weight thanks to their carbon frames and thus already ride a lot more snappy and nimble. Also in terms of shifting, almost only 1x11/12-speed systems with a wide range and little potential for error are to be found.
Ambitious athletes, however, still prefer to reach for a model from the higher price segment, because here the weight is usually reduced even more by the carbon wheels or cockpit parts. But also components such as the electric shifting systems, guarantee a perfect power transmission without failures or shifting errors. In addition to the current models we also regularly offer many cx bikes for sale.

The Best Way to Buy a Cyclocross Bicycle

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