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Bike Racks and Bicycle Stands for Wall, Ceiling & Floor at BIKE24

You want to park your bike, but no suitable "parking space" is in sight. Whether bicycle kickstand, rear stand or bipod stand, here you can buy a wide range of sturdy bicycle stands for MTB, road, city and trekking bikes. We also have countless products for your own four walls in our range, from simple presentation stands to stylish bike wall mounts, so that you can store and present your bike. We will give you some info on which types of bike racks are available and what you should look out for when buying a bike rack here. Read more

What Are the Basic Types of Bicycle Racks?

Bicycle racks are - next to luggage carriers and mudguards - among the bike accessories that enable you to use and protect your bike in an uncomplicated and versatile way. The choice of brands and colours is huge. But basically bicycle racks can be divided into three basic types: 

  • Middle or Center Kickstands 
  • Rear Kickstands
  • Bipod stands

Below you will find out how the different types of stands differ. However, a decisive function connects all basic types of bicycle racks: They make sure that your bike can stand practically anywhere.

Middle or Side Kickstands

Whether on the city bike, trekking bike or children's bike, bicycle stands like the side stand can be found on almost every bike. The reason, they are inconspicuous and uncomplicated to use. Bicycle side stands are therefore an excellent solution for bikes with little or no luggage. You can easily mount a kickstand with a screw on the middle section behind the bottom bracket and your bike has the necessary stability to be parked autonomously via three points on the ground (bike stand and wheels).

Rear Kickstands

The rear stand is the perfect alternative to the side stand. As the name suggests, the bike stand is attached to the rear triangle, explicitly to the rear section of the chainstay or to the drop-out. This makes this type of stand a perfect bike stand for MTB's, as it offers stable standing on different surfaces and slopes and, as a rear wheel bike stand, it can cope much better with payloads.

Bipod Stand

Bicycle bipods are mounted centrally on the bottom bracket and are the optimal solution for bikes with a high weight (e.g. e-bikes) and heavy load (child and child seat). On level ground, bipods for bicycles are the most stable type of stand: The front wheel is "jacked up", which prevents your bike from tipping or falling to the side.

Stands & Bike Racks for Floor, Wall & Ceiling

Mountain bikes, road bikes and gravel bikes usually do not have an assembled bike stand due to weight reasons. In this case, as well as for bicycle storage or for repair work, you can use external bicycle stands and bike racks. Depending on the space available, preferences and frequency of use of the bike, there are different ways to store your bike, such as wall mounts and bike suspensions.

What you should pay special attention to when buying a bicycle mount:

  • maximum load capacity of the bike mount, a racing bike usually comes to a maximum of 10kg, an e-bike quickly to 25kg.
  • Compatibility of the bracket with the dimensions of your bike 
  • Tire width: Bicycle mounts for the front or rear wheel must have enough space for your tire width

Bicycle Storage in Apartment & Garage: Wall Mount

The classic bicycle mount is the bicycle wall mount. It is firmly screwed to the wall, whereby you should - depending on the load - take the nature of the wall into account.

Depending on the wall mount, you can place your road bike or MTB horizontally (usually on the top tube) or vertically (usually on the front or rear wheel) on the wall. A bicycle suspension over 2 points is the most stable and also prevents the handlebars from hitting the ground. Some wall mounts for bicycles are foldable or swivel, which is useful for space-saving bicycle storage.

Bicycle Storage in Apartment & Garage: Floor Stand

With these practical and inexpensive bicycle stands, your bicycle is fixed to the ground via the frame or the rear wheel. Whether at home or outdoors, freestanding bike racks are a flexible and easy way to store your bike and are also excellent for minor repairs. Many mounting systems are collapsible and therefore very easy to transport.

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