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ION Bike Shoes Scrub for MTB - Black

ION Bike Shoes Scrub for MTB - Black


Stylish flatpedal bike shoe with with positive & negative threads in the outsole for perfect grip &  traction on and Off the bike.

Developing new shoes is like ever improving your favorite recipe – the base stays the same but you keep fine-tuning the ratio. True to ION's perfect mixture of grip durability usability and style the flat pedal shoes keep evolving.

The main ingredient called Pin Tonic sole concept 2.0 comes now in a more delicious version to satisfy all those riders hungry for endless runs all day long. The new outsole profile features positive threads in the forefoot and heel area for perfect traction while pushing or carrying your bike. The negative profile on the other hand offers the perfect grip and space for the pins while riding.

On top the SUPTraction got a stickier rubber compound. As changing the whole recipe is not always the right solution the Scrub features a cushiony EVA midsole and comfy insole. As grip is just a part of power transmission the very front toe area features a lower shape to get maximum contact on the pedal.

While a good biking shoe is not only about grip these flat pedal kicks feature protection against rocks and roots in the toe area and against contact with the cranks for your ankles (Ankle_Pad). Show everyone you've got taste with this stylish flat pedal shoe.


Features of the ION Bike Shoes Scrub for MTB

  • PIN TONIC 2.0 – New ION outsole with new profile structure & SupTraction Rubber compound Soul FL
  • ToeTal_Protection & Pre-Shaped Heel: Reinforced toe cap to absorb and deviate the forces when hitting a rock or a root. Pre-shaped heel cup for great comfort and precise fit to guarantee superior heel hold. 
  • Low_Toe Rocker: Grip is just one ingridient to a good mountainbike shoe. To increase power transmission the very front toe area features a lower shape to gain maximum contact on the pedal

Fact Sheet of ION Bike Shoes Scrub for MTB - Black

Product Name: ION Bike Shoes Scrub for MTB - Black
Manufacturer: ION
Item Code: ION446134
activity: Cycling
gender: men, unisex
usage bikesport: MTB
season: Summer, Spring/Autumn
shoe version: Standard Sole
sole stiffness: flexible
shoe closure: Laces
sole: PIN TONIC 2.0
shoe type: Loafers
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 1000g


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Unisex - Bike

Unisex - Bike

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Europe 37

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US 5
cm 22.9

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US 6
cm 23.4

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UK 5.5
US 6.5
cm 24.2

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UK 6.5
US 7.5
cm 24.9

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US 8
cm 25.4

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US 9
cm 25.9

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US 10
cm 26.7

Europe 44

UK 9.5
US 10.5
cm 27.4

Europe 45

UK 10
US 11
cm 28.2

Europe 46

UK 11
US 12
cm 28.9

Europe 47

UK 12
US 13
cm 29.4