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Haglöfs – Get closer to Nature

Viktor Haglöf founded the Haglöfs brand in order to facilitate daily efforts, such as the way to work or school, through the rough landscape in all weathers. Every detail is designed to make the outdoor lifestyle more pleasant. The company focuses on longevity, functionality and sustainability of the equipment. The products are masterfully manufactured for maximum performance. » Read more

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Viktor Haglöf, founder of Haglöfs, was born in the harsh northern climate where the breathtaking natural conditions have always been characterised by harsh weather conditions. This often makes it difficult to enjoy these natural spectacles. Driven by this, Viktor Haglöf produced his first backpack in 1914. His vision was to make everyday life a little more comfortable with his products, even under the toughest conditions. Today Haglöfs products are an important part of many outdoor enthusiasts. Always in focus are above-average sustainability standards, premium product quality and an unmistakable Swedish heritage look, which is reflected in every product detail and in the visual language.