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Houdini – Versatile, Sustainable & Timeless Outdoor Apparel

Houdini is a Swedish outdoor company offering a complete range of functional clothing. In product design, sustainability and functionality always go hand in hand. Houdini focuses on environmentally friendly production processes, recycling and offers repair and rental services to keep the ecological footprint as low as possible.

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Maximum Experience, Zero Impact & Beyond

Houdini was founded in Sweden in 1993 and is one of the pioneers in the development of technical performance baselayers in stretch fleece. Houdini products keep warm, dry, offer exceptional freedom of movement and an advanced design that makes it easier to pack, less to carry and to go further. 

Houdini – Pants, Jackets, Base Layers & much more

At Houdini, Austainability Work Is Just Work

Houdini has realized that human activities have put our planet in a desolate situation. Companies have a large share in this and therefore an even greater responsibility. The current system, in which products are manufactured, used and disposed of at an ever faster pace, is not working. Houdini's mission is, for example, to fight overproduction and overconsumption and develop sustainable technologies.

Houdini's complete range of functional apparel, from underwear to shirts, jackets and pants, reflects the vision that everyone can have fun in nature while minimizing their environmental footprint. Sustainability is not seen as a separate area within business operations, but as an integral part.

Houdini Product & Design Philosophy

Houdini offers outdoor functional apparel for men and women and pursues a product and design philosophy in which garments are truly multi-talented and versatile. You don't need one jacket for hiking, one jacket for cycling, one jacket for work - Houdini doesn't want you to need a different product for every activity - so your Houdini jacket can do it all. Sustainability is important, that's why the company produces clothing that lasts and has a timeless design that is aesthetic for years to come. The design is clear and minimalist, and the clothing is designed to be repairable when needed.

Make It Last – Houdini's Repair Service

If parts of your garment break, such as a zipper, before the actual piece is worn out, Houdini offers a free repair. Even if a jacket or trousers is damaged in hard use, e.g. in a fall, the garment can be repaired for a small fee. This can often extend the life of a product by years.

The Focus Is on Recycling

Houdini has realized that we are all an inseparable part of nature and wants to do everything possible to save and improve our fantastic planet. If a product is no longer repairable or, despite its long service life, eventually worn out, it doesn't have to end up in the garbage! Houdini offers to take the products back and recycle them, e.g. to produce new clothes in a recycling cycle. If returned products are still wearable, Houdini donates them to charities.