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From Functional Underwear to Complete Outfits for Bike, Running and Outdoor

For four decades now, Craft has been enabling top performances with the help of functional sportswear. Craft draws most of its expertise in the manufacture of sports-specific functional fabrics from its successful cooperation with top athletes from all over the world. Professional cycling teams, cross-country professionals and runners continue to share their experience for the product development. » Read more

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Innovative, Inspiring, Continuous, Nordic

The origin of the Craft brand goes back to the early 1970s. In Borås, Sweden, where the brand is still based today, Anders Bengtson researched new types of sports underwear. His aim was to develop undershirts and underpants that would wick moisture away to the outside where it could evaporate. He achieved the breakthrough with a patented polyester knitting technique that makes overheating of the athlete during intensive activity a thing of the past. Craft soon succeeded in developing other layers of clothing and finally today offers sportswear for the core sports of cycling, running and cross-country skiing. These include jerseys, cycling shorts, shirts, rain jackets, underwear and even running shoes; all of which are characterised by Craft's passion for the sport and its commitment to innovation, design and performance.

Craft Spécialiste - Craft x Hand made Cyclist.

The Spécialiste collection is a special collaboration between The Handmade Cyclist and Craft Sportswear, combining storytelling and authentic detailing with Craft's unsurpassed technical expertise and quality fabrics. The fabrics and cuts were developed during the UCI World Tour together with Team Sunweb and will meet the highest demands of the peloton's specialists. Whether you are a grimpeur, sprinteur or puncheur, there is definitely a beautiful kit made just for you.

Craft and the Theme of Sustainability

Craft's Scandinavian legacy has resulted in a focus on sustainability. As a brand that produces sportswear and wants to encourage people to live a life in motion in the great outdoors, Craft's commitment to protecting nature and the environment is self-evident. Therefore, sustainability is an integral part of Craft's daily business operations. Craft Sportswear, for example, is characterized by a long life span and a robustness that can withstand even the harshest and most adverse conditions. In order to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible, unnecessary additives are avoided in the production of materials and pure polyester is used for the production of the clothing, which is not combined or mixed with materials that are not environmentally friendly. This also facilitates, for example, the possibility of a later recycling process. For products made of pure wool and merino wool, Craft only uses mulesing-free wool, which does not harm animals. The Swedes are also committed to improving working conditions throughout the supply chain, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and introducing organic and environmentally friendly materials.