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ÖHLINS - Advanced Suspension Technology

The official claim of the Swedish suspension manufacturer ‚Advanced Suspension Technology‘ exists for a reason. For over 40 years, the family business has been designing and distributing its high end dampers, and with more than 300 world championship titles from the highest levels of international motorsport, this demonstrates their technological superiority very clearly. » Read more

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Advanced Suspension Technology from Sweden

Even though they have only been working in the MTB business for a few years together with development partner Specialized, the engineers and technicians of Öhlins Racing were able to prove their expertise very soon. In 2017, just during the first year of a cooperation between the Specialized Gravity Team and Öhlins, Miranda Miller and Loic Bruni secured double downhill world championships using Öhlins suspension.

ÖHLINS -  Advanced Suspension Technology

More than 40 years of experience and over 300 World Championship titles

It’s hard to believe that the success story of Öhlins started more than 40 years ago with Kenth Öhlin turning the lathes in his father’s workshop in pursuit of personal on-track performance to boost his own racing, dissatisfied with the market’s offerings at the time. It did not take long before friends and even competitors began to seek Kenth’s support and in 1976 the company was founded.
Just two years later, an Öhlins shock was ridden to its first world championship success in the hands of Russian MX star Guennady Moiseev. Moving on with racing support, Öhlins counts over 300 international titles and since 2017, there are two world champions in MTB downhill to be announced. Miranda Miller and Loic Bruni secured double success using Öhlins suspension – just under one year after the cooperation between Öhlins and the Specialized Gravity Team began!
The racetrack always was the development area and each year the company re-invests around 17% of its turnover into research and development. Many technologies common today, such as upside down forks, have been developed by Swedish engineers.
Even though Öhlins being at its very start in MTB business and having to persist against the likes of well-established competitors, their product range is constantly growing. The racing success already proves the stunning performance and reliability of Öhlins’ products, which are developed and produced with 100% focus on perfect quality.

ÖHLINS -  Advanced Suspension Technology