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Norco Bicycles – Adventure begins here

Norco Bikes have been more than an insider tip for a long time. The Canadians showcase their know-how year after year while constantly increasing their fanbase. Especially in the mountain bike scene, Norco has achieved true cult status. They also offer adventure road bikes, cyclocross bikes, as well as ladies' and children's bikes. » Read more

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Designed & tested in Canada, proven around the world.

Northern Cycle Industries was founded by Bert Lewis in 1964 in British Columbia, Canada. However, the name was too long to fit on the frames and so it became Norco. The declared goal of the company was to get more people to the bike. For the time being, Norco concentrated on the North American market and, for example, launched the Rampage, the first mountain bike with suspension fork, and a few years later the FTS, the first full-suspension mountain bike, before Norco began selling bicycles internationally in 1995.

The range of products focuses mainly on the off-road sector and offers bikes for every riding style. The Dirtbike One 25, an agile fun machine, offers all the necessary confidence to learn new tricks.
Speed, skill and endurance - that's what cross country is all about and here the Norco Revolver lives up to its name, both as a hardtail and as a fully: the ultimate weapon for XC competitions. The feather-light and stiff carbon frame makes you fly uphill.
With its modern geometry and short-stroke chassis, the Optic Trailbike offers the perfect mix of cross-country efficiency and all-mountain playfulness as well as more control and the feeling of becoming one with the bike for faster riders.
With the Sight and the Torrent Hardtail, Norco has created ultimate trail killers. The all-mountain geometry and the Sight's suspension kinematics allow for fast, safe and playful rides in versatile terrain.
You like to get a little rough? Then the Norco Range is the ideal enduro bike - it climbs efficiently, but reveals its true potential when going downhill and offers trustworthy stability and control when you want to really rock in technical terrain.
But Norco also has a lot to offer for the Drop Bar aficionados. With the Threshold Norco brings a real Canadian Cyclocrosser to the start. Grown up in the rough landscape of the Canadian Pacific coast with its mighty downpours, the Threshold feels most comfortable in the muddy cyclocross under and over.
If you want to take things a little more leisurely, the Norco Search is a real Swiss Army knife. Singletrail? Gravel? Bikepacking? Asphalt? The Search doesn't like to be pigeonholed. With various carrier and bottle cage configurations, as well as fender mounts, it is the perfect companion for all planned or spontaneous adventures.
For a child, the bicycle is the first step towards independence and adventure. And to ensure that tomorrow's bikers also have lots of fun on the trails and while exploring the neighbourhood, Norco relies on lightweight aluminium frames with adapted geometry and suitable components for children's bikes such as Fluid. Shorter stems and wider handlebars make it easier to maintain balance.