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Wilier Bikes – Passion for Bicycles since 1906

If own a Wilier road bike, you own a piece of cycling history. A Wilier Triestina goes further than being just a bike. The brand from Rossano, on the southern edge of the Italian Alps, was founded back in 1906. Since then, Wilier has been continuously working on the further development of all its bike models and always relies on innovative materials and modern manufacturing processes. Wilier road bikes, an exceptional and individual combination of tradition and innovation.

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Wilier Triestina: The Story of a Passion for Road Bikes

Wilier Triestina was founded in 1906 with the name of Wilier in a small workshop on the banks of the river Brenta in northern Italy. Right there, the Italian merchant Pietro Dal Molin fulfilled his dream of designing and building his own racing bike. The modest and small workshop where everything started could not stop Pietro's fascination for racing bikes. Therefore, he decided to supply the professional cycling team Giordano Cottur with racing bikes. In the fall of 1945, Wilier got its surname Triestina, which the company proudly carries until this day. Furthermore, in reference to the coat of arms of the city of Trieste, Wilier racing bikes received their special and characteristic red color, with which Wilier bikes are identified to this day.

The First Important Victories on Wilier Racing Bikes

With the victory of the Wilier team in the first Giro d'italia after the Second World War, Wilier bicycles caused a big sensation for the first time. The cycling team riding Wilier racing bikes was able to show its top form more and more often. After that came bigger international success with victories in the Tour of Flanders and the Tour de France. From that moment on, the Italian brand set itself the primary goal of building up and continuously expanding its international position and market presence.

Characteristics of a Wilier Bike

Every Wilier road bike is an excellent piece of engineering. The fine details, the materials used and the aerodynamic designs are a proof of this. The Wilier Triestina style is unequivocal: a mixture of innovation and tradition, without any compromise in terms of safety and reliability. Everyone who rides a Wilier road bike, from an amateur to a professional, lives cycling in its pure essence. Wilier Triestina is designed to inspire.

Wilier Road Bikes

In the Wilier road bike segment, the Wilier Filante, with its aerodynamic and ultra-light carbon frame, is the top model of the Italian manufacturer. Furthermore, in the exclusive range is the Wilier 0 SLR, assembled with the same high-quality materials as the Filante and designed for the most demanding mountain stages. The Wilier GTR Team is perfect for multiple uses: Thanks to its carbon frame and the optional disc brakes, it offers both competitive and amateur riders all the options to be fast and comfortable at the same time.

Wilier Gravelbikes & Wilier Mountainbikes

Wilier has in recent years intensively expanded its product portfolio for MTB and gravel bikes. Proof of this is the Wilier Urta SLR, with a frame which has been developed for the most demanding terrains. Therefore, with the Wilier Urta SLR you will surely be successful bringing your best performance uphill.

With the Wilier Jena Gravel Bike you will get maximum freedom and riding comfort on any road or gravel track. Thus, the Jena Gravel Bike will meet all your riding needs thanks to its solid high-quality carbon frame.