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Primus Camping Stoves & Equipment for Outdoor Cooking

Primus camping stoves and cooking accessories are not only of durable design, they are also absolutely trusted. For you this means that you can prepare your meals in the shortest possible time, you don’t have to take much gas or fuel with your and your ecological footprint is kept as low as possible. Whether for one-day trekking trips or demanding expeditions in remote areas – with a Primus cookset you are optimally forearmed for your outdoor adventure.

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Primus Outdoor Stoves – The Highest Quality since 1892

The history of this Swedish manufacturer begins as far back as 1892 in a small workshop in Stockholm. J. V. Svenson and F. W. Lindqvist developed the world’s first soot-free kerosene stove there. Since this was really the very first model in the world, the stove was quickly given the name Primus. The name today is synonymous with reliable camping and gas cookers. Thus the manufacturer is the first choice for outdoor lovers and adventurers, who want to feel at home at campsites, on trekking trips and expeditions.


In 1994 the company opened a factory in Estonia, to serve growing demand. Over the years the quality standard “Made in Europe” has become firmly established. From design to final production, all manufacturing steps take place in the R&D facility. Thanks to comprehensive testing and strict quality controls for each individual product, the firm ensures that all camping stoves, petrol stoves, drinking bottles and cutlery become reliable lifelong companions.

Primus Cookware for Backpacking & Camping

With a Primus gas stove and with every other product in the brand, nothing is left to chance. Each part passes through three pairs of hands until final assembly Trekking and expedition stoves always undergo a final test before delivery. So you can be sure that your stove functions perfectly. In the range from the Swedish brand you can expect gas and camping stoves, gas cartridges and fuel, drinking bottles and mugs, cookware and thermos flasks, so that you’re not missing anything on your adventures or camping holiday.

Gas and Camping Stoves from Primus – The Right Stove for Every Requirement

Gas, petrol and multi-fuel stoves are always at hand for a sophisticated outdoor meal, a quick soup or a warming drink. We offer you easy-to-use, flawlessly functioning stoves for camping and trekking, hiking or demanding expeditions. Every model is processed to a high standard, safety-tested and optimum for a warming fire on your trip. Depending on the planned use, at BIKE24 you’ll find:

  • Primus camping stoves
  • Primus trekking stoves
  • Primus expedition stoves

Camping stoves are simple, robust and flexible, so you can prepare and enjoy your food in nature with ease. If you often travel alone, a compact, lightweight gas stove with a small pack size that fits in a free corner of your backpack will of course suffice.

If you prefer to be in a group and cook for several people, camping stoves are suitable for up to 10 people. The sophisticated cooking systems generally consist of a high-performance burner, a pan with a lid and wind protection. Depending on the model, camping stoves have a heat exchanger base that absorbs the heat from the flame, improving the efficiency of the cooking system and saving fuel. With clever two-flame stoves, you can even cook up really big meals on the go.

The manufacturer offers special stoves for your trekking tours that stand out thanks to their compact size and low weight. Foldable models ensure an even smaller pack size. Simply connect a gas cartridge to the robust trekking gas stove and you can prepare your well-deserved refreshments to your heart's content. With a wind-resistant flame and plenty of power these camping stoves bring your food and hot drinks to the desired temperature in the shortest possible time.

Special expedition stoves are a good idea for expeditions lasting several days in demanding weather conditions. The petrol stoves or multi-fuel stoves are ready to use and easy to operate, even in heavy rain or strong squalls. The multi-fuel stoves are convincing with optimal cooking performance and great flexibility in terms of fuel — which makes them very attractive for international trips. Whether with petrol, diesel, alcohol or kerosene, these all-rounders can be operated with all fuels.

Depending on the system, we offer you a practical Primus gas cartridge, a fuel bottle and useful accessories such as lighters, support feet, fire starters and gas mantles as refill material.

Primus Outdoor Equipment for Your Adventure in Nature

When packing your backpack and preparing for a hiking, trekking or camping tour, you should not be without your Primus drinking bottle and camping equipment as part of your provisions. So you are optimally equipped on all journeys, you’ll also find useful accessories to go with gas stove in our range, such as:

  • Primus thermos flask
  • Primus thermos tumbler
  • Primus bottles
  • Primus cutlery

You can take your pre-cooked lunch or drinks with you in the insulated thermal tumbler, and the food stays at the starting temperature for several hours. Whether steaming hot stew, strengthening soup or refreshing iced tea - with the thermos flask and thermos tumbler you always have the most delicious snacks and drinks with you thanks to the taste-neutral inner material.

There are double-walled drinking bottles in different colours for the side compartment of your backpack. The robust, taste-neutral and well-insulated bottles are the perfect companion for all your adventures.

Whether it's a space-saving stainless steel set with a knife, fork and spoon or cooking spoon - with camping cutlery you ensure optimal cooking and eating comfort on the go.


Primus – Camping with Sustainability

As early as 1978, Primus developed burners that reduced the need for wood for cooking in large parts of Africa. At this point, the manufacturer decided to reduce carbon emissions from gas and cartridges. The brand therefore supports “Gold Standard” renewable energy projects.

With the ambition to make all adventures more sustainable, the Swedish company relies on efficient, environmentally friendly and recycled materials and renewable fuels.

Of to the Outdoors: Order a Primus Camping Stove Online

True craftsmanship, carefully selected materials, sustainable production and the highest quality: this is what makes camping stoves, outdoor products and gas cartridges from Primus stand out. At BIKE24 we offer you a wide selection of high-performance camping stoves and numerous accessories to go with them.