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Simplon - Premium Bikes & E-Bikes from Austria

The Austrian bicycle manufacturer Simplon is well known for their unique product quality and innovative frame building technologies since 1961. With the Simplon alpine pass as their name giver, the premium company underlines its ambition to build high-quality bicycles that exceed every expectation. Experience outstanding road bikes, mountain bikes, trekking bikes and e-bikes made by Simplon.

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Simplon - The Perfect Bike - An Individual Composition

Whoever wants to have a special bike will automatically arrive at Simplon. The long-established company from Austria has more than 55 years of experience in bicycle construction. To this day Simplon bikes are handcrafted with high precision. The Austrian quality brand has exceptional expertise in the manufacture of carbon frames: special carbon fibres integrated into a resin matrix make Simplon bikes extremely light, comfortable and durable. Double-Fusion reduces the necessary connection points on the frame to a minimum. The result are bicycles and Simplon e-bikes that make the difference, both technically and visually, and will provide lasting riding pleasure. Outstanding test results in numerous specialist magazines and international awards in various categories are proof of the high customer satisfaction and the extraordinary innovative spirit of the high-end brand Simplon.

Simplon Road Bikes - High-Performance Bikes for Maximum Speed

Simplon road and gravel bikes are consistently designed for best propulsion, precise handling and the highest possible comfort. The Simplon PRIDE is completely trimmed for aerodynamics. With its streamlines handlebar/stem unit integrated into the frame, it pushes the limits of what is technically possible and gives you the decisive advantage in the battle for seconds. With the PAVO and the KIARO, Simplon has two allround talents on the market, for all those who value more comfort without sacrificing speed. The perfect all-in-one solution for all commuters, weekend and gravel racers is definitely the Simplon gravel e-bike INISSIO PMAX. It is equipped with an unobtrusive and 2 kg light hub motor from MAHLE. While you can take the agile carbon racer to its limits on weekends, you can also equip it with mudguards, lights and rack and turn it into a reliable tourer.

Simplon Road Bikes - High-Performance Bikes for Maximum Speed

Simplon Mountain Bikes - Perfection in Technology and Design

Simplon mountain bikes and E-MTB's convince with innovative frame concepts and offer you the optimal solution for every purpose. With the RAZORBLADE the Simplon engineers have designed an ultra-light hardtail for the toughest XC tracks. The modern geometry and the high-quality carbon fibers provide maximum speed with high stiffness and exceptional seating comfort. The multiple award-winning Simplon RAPCON PMAX completely redefines the concept of the e-mountain bike in the AM and enduro sector. The extremely light carbon frame is fitted with the latest Bosch CX engine, which allows to climb mountain peaks en masse. The well thought-out geometry and the perfectly tuned chassis ensure an impressive downhill performance that you won't forget. 

Simplon Trekkingbikes - Allround Talents for Every Purpose

For trekking bikes, the Austrian bike manufactory has adapted its unique expertise in frame construction to the needs of tourers and commuters. For example, the Simplon SPOTLIGHT has a robust and light TPA frame (Top Performance Aluminium), which is more resilient than a conventional 7005 aluminium frameset. The Simplon CHENOA CX carbon e-bike is playing in a completely different league: Simplon has combined the agility of a road bike with the pleasant seating comfort of a trekking bike. The result is an extremely light and stable e-bike with impressive damping properties. The first carbon e-bike with low entry has a fully integrated Bosch CX engine. A trapeze version is also available for rougher terrain.

Simplon Trekkingbikes - Allround Talents for Every Purpose