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SIGG - A Water Bottle with Cult Status

The SIGG metal bottle is cult. The brand stands worldwide for high-quality and durable bottles - swissmade. For generations, sportsmen and sportswomen have put their trust in SIGG's distinctive products. Why? Because not only is the design right, but the products also deliver what they promise. Curious now? Dive into the fascinating world of SIGG and discover what makes this brand so special.

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SIGG - Quality with Tradition

It all began in the early 1900s with Ferdinand Sigg's love of metal. Together with his friend Xaver Küng, he founded the company named after him. After only one year of production, the two were already employing 30 people. In the 1960s, both the iconic design and the typical closure were created. SIGG has continued to grow and has now evolved from a small manufactory to a global symbol for sustainable and stylish water bottles.

The brand has always been at the forefront of innovation to deliver products that are both functional and environmentally friendly. SIGG's journey is one of consistency, ingenuity and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

First-class Materials for First-Class Water Bottles

The main feature of SIGG is the use of aluminum. The lightweight and robust material is ideal for everyday use and is particularly durable. SIGG's aluminum bottles are coated on the inside to ensure that the liquids retain their flavor and are not affected by the metal. But there are other materials SIGG uses as well:

  • Stainless steel: stainless steel bottles are particularly resistant to impact and provide excellent insulation for hot and cold beverages.
  • Glass: Glass bottles are also among the products because they are convincing in terms of sustainability. In addition, the material does not take on flavors and is free of harmful substances.
  • Tritan: The plastic resembles glass, but is strong and lightweight. The advantage over conventional plastics: No harmful substances pass from bottles made of Tritan into the drinks.
  • Polypropylene: This is also a plastic that does not emit harmful substances. The material is recyclable and robust.

The list of materials makes it clear that all SIGG bottles are BPA-free. This means that they do not contain harmful chemicals that could pass into the drinks.

Sustainability at SIGG

Sustainability is a commitment for SIGG. The brand is dedicated to protecting our planet and is committed to developing products that are not only functional and durable, but also respectful of the environment. A key feature of SIGG products is their durability. Instead of buying and throwing away plastic bottles on a regular basis, you can enjoy your favorite beverages for years with a SIGG bottle. This not only saves money, but also reduces plastic waste.

But SIGG goes even further. The brand relies on environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and ensures that as little waste as possible is created during production. In addition, the bottles are 100% recyclable, which further reduces their ecological footprint.

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