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AGU - High Quality Cycling Apparel & Bags for Every Occasion

For over 50 years AGU has been designing functional and stylish quality cycling apparel in the Netherlands. There, what belongs together comes together. For cycling pros on the big loop, hobby athletes on their after-work lap, the way to work or the big bikepacking adventure: functional and fashionable shorts, jerseys, jackets, accessories and bags that will convince you in any weather.

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From a Traditional Company from Alkmaar to a Supplier of the Cycling Elite

In 1966 Alkmaarse Groothandels Unie (AGU) is established. The clothing company, which once started with 14 employees, has become an integral part of cycling and is currently the official outfitter of the most successful cycling team in the Netherlands, Team Jumbo-Visma. In collaboration with the pros, they have created some of the most advanced jerseys and shorts in the company's history, which you can benefit from in winter and summer, in wind and rain. 

The Clothing Collections: Essential, Trend, Six6 and Premium

To ensure that every rider finds the right outfit, AGU has created four different collections that really do meet all requirements. From the reliable starter set, to stylish retro clothing and elite gear, you'll always stay comfortably dry, warm, fast and well dressed. 
The Essential collection serves as the basis for all rides and rider types. All underwear, jerseys, shorts, jackets, overshoes, socks, singlets and gloves of the series are made of high-quality and at least water-repellent materials and together they form a perfectly coordinated bike outfit.

For the fashion-conscious daredevils there is the Trend collection. Sophisticated motifs and functional details make the jerseys and bib shorts real eye-catchers, with which you can plunge into any adventure with a clear conscience. Exclusive fabrics from Spain and Italy are combined in Europe to create this fashionable line. 
The Six6 collection is unmistakable and unique. Designed as a tribute to the year AGU was born, the short and long sleeve jerseys, vests and bib shorts in the series, which are produced exclusively in Italy, are an absolute eye-catcher. Here history meets modernity and design meets function.

The Premium Collection promises to meet even the absolutely highest demands. Lightweight, breathable, stretchy and water-repellent fabrics from Italy meet Lasercut ventilation slits and a perfect fit. This means that not only the pros are still fresh in the saddle at kilometre 200. 

Heat, Cold, Snow, Wind, Rain - Always the Perfect Solution

At high temperatures and high exertion an effective cooling capability is essential. This also applies to the materials on your skin. The high summer jerseys from AGU allow you to get your best performance even in the heat. Thanks to professionally tested heat technology. The matching Trend High Summer Bib Shorts, as well as the Six6 and Premium Aero bib shorts are made of Coldblack fabric. Despite its dark colour, this manages to reduce heat build-up, keep your skin cool and protect it from UV radiation.

If you don't want to waste energy unnecessarily in cold wind or nasty rain, then you're best off with a warm and soft base-layer, long water-repellent thermal pants, long-sleeved and merino jerseys and a corresponding wind, thermal or rain jacket. Even in the deepest winter, you can stay relaxed during your break with the AGU Deep Winter Essential Heated Jacket, thanks to its integrated electrical heat panels. And of course you should not forget the neck warmer, protective gloves and neoprene overshoes

AGU Seat Padding - GREEN 95, RED 120 and BLACK 320

After careful analysis, research, many tests and with the feedback of the professionals, AGU has again improved the quality of the seat pads and developed three new models.
GREEN 95 is the name of the entry-level model, which allows you to ride further and longer in comfort. The high-quality comfort padding is made of 10 mm foam and offers excellent cushioning and a great price-performance ratio

The perfect mix for regular long tours is the RED 120 padding. Used by the riders of Team Jumbo Visma, you also benefit from the Skyying technology, which prevents skin irritation caused by fine height differences in the High Impact Perforated Foam, while still providing a very high level of cushioning.

For the ultimate cushioning on long and extreme rides, there is the BLACK 320, a feather-light, breathable, thin and robust hybrid cell system filling. In combination with the CoolCube protective layer, which prevents chafing and transports sweat away from the skin, it ensures that you stay dry and can concentrate fully on riding like the professionals. 

From the Pet Bottle to the Bicycle Bag - Green Sphere

Whether for the way to work, the weekend trip or the big bikepacking adventure: With the weatherproof frame bags, handlebar bags, side bags and saddlebags you have everything important dry and well protected with you. And many of them are manufactured as Green Sphere products from environmentally friendly and recycled materials. For example, PET bottles are broken down into small polyester flakes and used as a new raw material for the bike bags. They offer the same quality as conventional products, but at the same time contribute to reducing resource consumption and CO2 emissions.