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SIGG Classics Traveller Bottle 1.0L

SIGG Classics Traveller Bottle 1.0L

The Classic! SIGG bottle with absolutely tight screw top. Capacity 1 liter.

The absolute classic for on the go. Sturdy. Functional. Honest. The tireless companion for all true outdoor fans for whom no trail is too far and no mountain too high. The high-quality, recyclable aluminum bottle is extremely light, robust and can be conveniently carried with one finger – even the 1-liter version. And it is 100% leak-proof. Even with carbonated drinks and upside down, whenever you need both hands free. The material is free from harmful chemicals, such as estrogen-mimicking substances and phthalates – for safer and easy drinking enjoyment.

Please note: SIGG bottles are not compatible with regular bottle cages. Please do only use bottle cages explicitly meant for SIGG bottles.

Dimensions in mm (L/B/H): 81 x 257 mm

Fact Sheet of SIGG Classics Traveller Bottle 1.0L

Product Name: SIGG Classics Traveller Bottle 1.0L
Manufacturer: SIGG
Item Code: SIF147125
activity: Outdoor
material: Aluminium
Hydration, bottle & cage : Bottle
Volume: 1l
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black, White, Red, Blue, Metallic
weight: 147g