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uvex - Sophisticated Bike Helmets & Sports Glasses "Made in Germany"

For almost 100 years, uvex has stood by its mission statement ‘protecting people’, with safety innovations for work, sport and leisure. With their sophisticated designs and outstanding safety features, the high-quality uvex bike helmets and eyewear are the perfect choice for mountain bikers, road cyclists, triathletes, e-bike riders, city commuters and for children.

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From Poppenreuth to All over the World

The story started in a small workshop in Poppenreuth, a suburb of Fürth in Central Franconia, where Philipp M. Winter foundet the "Optische-Industrie-Anstalt Philipp M. Winter" and elaborately crafted the first safety goggles. These were initially only for craftspeople and industrial workers. But the goggles soon became popular with athletes. The 1936 Winter Olympics saw the first athletes wear his goggles at the start line, and two years later German mountaineers summited Nanga Parbat wearing glacier goggles made in Fürth. 

However, in 1956 when the son of the company’s founder Rainer Winter, returned from the USA, he decided that the name ‘Winter’ was not suitable for a brand that makes sunglasses. He wanted a name that expressed the function that the eyewear performed. The name “Ultraviolet Excluded” was then shortened to uvex and adopted for the entire product range.  After the brand was founded, new sales strategies were adopted and equipment for top athletes soon followed. This led to international brand recognition and to further product development.

uvex Bike Helmets - Latest Technologies for Highest Safety and Best Wearing Comfort

In 1987, uvex expanded into the cycling sector, starting out with cycling helmets “Made in Germany”. The first model was the Airtech cycling helmet. It was very lightweight, extremely protective and featured a mix of EPS and ABS materials, a unique combination at the time.

It was innovations like these that made the company famous and gave it a reputation for quality that it still enjoys today. Now, the uvex product range runs from cycling helmets for children, racing, mountain biking and graveling, to innovative city bike helmets.

uvex - Sophisticated Bike Helmets and Sports Glasses "Made in Germany"

Which Uvex Helmet Is the Right One for Me?

If you want to reach your destination quickly, safely and comfortably when trekking, touring and riding in the city, the uvex i-vo cycling helmet models are the ideal choice. Also available as uvex i-vo cc and city i-vo versions, these lightweight all-rounders come in various sizes and have a wide range of adjustment options to fit your head perfectly and provide first-class ventilation. For better protection of your eyes, uvex has equipped the final visor city helmets with an integrated visor. And if you attach great importance to maximum visibility, the uvex city light and finale light helmets with integrated LED bands are perfect for you.

Thanks to the Double Immould construction, the uvex quatro MTB helmets offer the highest possible level of protection when trail surfing. The absolute highlight in the mountain bike helmet series is the uvex quatro integral Tocsen, an Enduro half-shell helmet with integrated Tocsen crash sensor: The unique system of sensor and app detects a drop, asks how the rider is doing and - if there is no response - places an emergency call with accident location GPS data to emergency contacts and the Tocsen community. No compromises are made with the uvex jakkyl hde bike helmet. In a matter of seconds, the half-shell helmet transforms into a light full-face helmet: open the shock absorbers, put the Chinguard on and the Mr. Hyde worthy downhill action can begin.

The uvex race road bike helmets masterfully combine aerodynamics with optimal ventilation and safety. And with the stylish uvex gravel x helmets, there is nothing that can stop you from taking your next gravel joyride in terms of safety and wearing comfort. 

Uvex Sports Glasses - Sophisticated Technology for a Brilliant View

In addition to helmets, uvex continues to excel in the sunglasses and biking glasses sector, with sophisticated lens technologies such as uvex colorvision and self-adjusting uvex variomatic technology that guarantee riders perfect quality of vision at all times.

All uvex helmets and eyewear share two characteristics: outstanding quality and the highest safety standards. This, in turn, means that uvex products not only comply with industry standards but exceed them.

It is this Bavarian attention to detail that international athletes have come to rely on for over ninety years. Included in their ranks are triathletes Andi Böcherer and Laura Philipp, mountain biker Michal Prokop and the Lexware MTB Team. 

uvex - Sophisticated Bike Helmets and Sports Glasses "Made in Germany"