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Men’s Cycling Shorts and Trousers, for an Incredible Riding Experience

Every cyclist who regularly sits in the saddle for hours or miles knows how important cycling shorts and cycling leggings are. Because the wrong cycling gear means less fun on your bike, especially on long tours. There are men's cycling pants with padding for every cyclist – whether you are a road bike enthusiast, MTB rider or touring cyclist. Different cuts, materials or features ensure that there is a suitable pair of cycling shorts or trousers for every purpose. Thanks to special fits that are adapted to the male anatomy, you won't miss out on comfort even on long distances! Read more

Whether you are an ambitious road cyclist, casual mountain biker or touring enthusiast – cycling shorts and pants are the most important piece of clothing for cycling. Because they are much more than just the contact point between you and your bike. They are your silent companion protecting your legs from wind, weather and UV radiation; ensuring contact with branches or the ground does not instantly result in unpleasant scratches and injuries; and they are ultimately responsible for ensuring that nothing rubs or presses at the contact point with the saddle even on long distances. Only with them can you reach your full potential and turn every ride into an incomparable experience!

Cycling shorts and leggings, in men's or women's styles, are available in every design imaginable to offer the best possible support for every cycling activity and every season: short or long, tight or loose, for warm or cold weather or wet days. To make your choice easier, we’ve set out the following points:

What Defines a Pair of Cycling Shorts for Men?

The combination of function and comfort is a challenge for cycling shorts as much as it is for other sportswear. Men's cycling shorts must be precisely adapted to the requirements of cyclists as well as the terrain – without pinching or slipping. The particularly stressed zones in the leg and seat area are therefore given special attention in the development and production of men’s cycling shorts and cycling trousers.

The material of both men's and women's cycling shorts must be stretchy, comfortable and breathable while still being robust. Manufacturing techniques such as elastane-based spandex or four-way stretch, which stretches in all directions, offer the highest possible flexibility and freedom of movement. The material used supports your performance, protects you and gives you the freedom of movement you need on the bike. In terms of fit and cut, men's cycling shorts naturally differ from women's cycling shorts as they are adapted to the respective gender’s anatomical characteristics. That’s why we always recommend that you choose a style suited to your gender.

Men's cycling shorts/leggings …

  • … take into account the male anatomy and its particular features in terms of cut and fit
  • … tend to come in muted colours and simple designs to meet the preferences of most men.
  • … have the same features and material as women’s shorts

Men’s Cycling Trousers for Road Bike Enthusiasts

There are different trouser styles depending on the cycling activity and its requirements. Classic, road cycling shorts are probably the best-known style. This style is particularly popular with road cyclists, as their body-hugging fit offers minimal wind resistance and does not flap or wrinkle. Besides the performance-focused cut, there are also predominantly long men's road cycling trousers with membranes that are designed to be worn in wet weather. The micropores in the material ensure that perspiration (as water vapour) passes from the inside to the outside, while raindrops are prevented from penetrating from the outside to the inside because they are too large for the pores. This gives ideal temperature management so that you don't overheat or cool down even on demanding routes. Whether short or long, with or without straps, for warm or cold days: men’s cycling shorts and trousers come in a wide variety of styles. So-called bib shorts or bib tights refer to tight cycling shorts and cycling leggings with straps and are particularly worn in professional sports or by ambitious amateur cyclists. They offer several advantages that make them a worthwhile choice when every second counts. The straps ensure that the trousers do not slip even during challenging cycling sprints; the raised cut above the waist ensures there is no band restricting your stomach or breathing. Anatomically adapted seat padding (the so-called chamois), which is integrated directly into the cycling shorts, maximises comfort at the point of contact with the saddle or in pressure-sensitive areas, even on long stages. These seat pads are available in different designs, materials and thicknesses depending on their intended use, length of the route and preference. In the case of men's cycling shorts, they are adapted to the anatomical characteristics of men’s cycling posture and are therefore not suitable for women or children. 

Tight cycling shorts also have the following practical features: 

  • With long cycling trousers or cycling leggings, zips at the foot ends make them easier to put on and take off.
  • For better visibility in road traffic or in poor visibility conditions, there are reflective elements on the legs.
  • They usually don't have any waistband seams at the front, so they don't cut in or pinch uncomfortably, even in the classic sprint position.As trousers with padding are worn
  • without underwear, it is important that no seams can press/irritate. That is why offset or flat seams are used (especially in the crotch area).
  • To ensure that the trousers do not ride up even during sprints, there are silicone strips inside the leg cuffs.

Men’s Bike Shorts for MTB

Depending on the intended activity and preference, there is of course also a large selection of men's cycling shorts/trousers/leggings for the downhill biker. The more casually cut MTB shorts are usually combined with removable inner pants with a seat pad. This ensures the greatest possible comfort on your MTB. The combination of cycling shorts and matching inner cycling pants can be worn and washed separately, making them a practical garment for every biker's wardrobe.

If you're going off-road, it's important that your trousers are up to the challenge too. That’s why particularly robust materials are used for MTB shorts, leggings and trousers. This means that contact with branches, dust, mud or the ground cannot damage the trousers. Despite the outer material’s robustness, it still provides flexibility and elasticity. It is still important to have as much freedom of movement as possible on a mountain bike, which is why elastic textile blends or stretch inserts are used. Another feature in terms of freedom of movement are the pre-shaped knees. Ventilation systems with zips or mesh inserts provide additional temperature regulation. Small items or your lift pass can be stored safely and neatly in zippered pockets. In addition, the wider cut allows protectors to be worn comfortably on the shins and knees.

Men's cycling shorts also have a different fit and cut compared to those for women in the MTB sector. The inner shorts’ seat pad in particular, as well as the seat and thigh area, take into account the characteristic features of male anatomy to offer maximum comfort and support on the bike.

Men’s Padded Cycling Shorts – For a More Comfortable Ride

Hard to believe, but the inconspicuous seat pad is one of the most important features that cycling shorts have to offer. There are numerous versions for men, which differ in size, thickness, material, fit and requirements for the intended activity (such as the seat angle for the different types of cycling). The seat pad’s main task is to prevent pressure points and friction on sensitive parts of the body at the point of contact with the saddle. At the same time, it should promote blood circulation – and so prevent numbness – and relieve pressure on the sit bones. Furthermore, the seat pad minimises vibrations from the ground. In addition, the seat pad preserves the saddle’s optimal aerodynamics and minimal weight of the bike parts in the seat area. Quite a lot of tasks for such a small, inconspicuous bit of padding. So it’s worth taking a closer look at the manufacturers' descriptions. That is the only way to find the perfect pad for you and your next challenge. What all seat pads have in common, no matter their manufacturer or the gender they are designed for, is their antibacterial and breathable properties. As cycling shorts or inner shorts with seat pads are worn directly on the skin, this is absolutely necessary.

How to Take Care of Your Cycling Shorts

We recommend that you wash your cycling shorts or inner pants with seat padding after every ride, as they are usually in direct contact with the skin. In any case, follow the care instructions given by the manufacturer on the care label inside. When washing your cycling gear, you should use special textile care for sportswear, which is particularly gentle and preserves the functional properties. Please do not wash your cycling shorts at temperatures above 30°C and never wring out the seat pad while it is still wet. You can gently squeeze it out and then let the shorts or leggings air dry. Then your cycling trousers will be ready for the next stage!

Checklist – Your Perfect Cycling Cycling Trousers for Men

This short checklist will help you easily decide which cycling shorts are right for you and your intended activity:

  • Short or long?
  • Tight or casual?
  • With or without straps?
  • What kind of seat pad?
  • What weather protection?

Most cycling shorts, for both men and women, offer UV protection – whether they are designed for warm or cold days. Of course, at BIKE24 you will also find many other cycling shorts, cycling leggings and cycling trousers, such as special waterproof trousers, so that you can stay dry on rainy days.