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The bike bell – a must-have

Whether a loud ringing, a honking, a damped tolling or a cheerful Ding Dong: bike bells are as varied as the bikes on which they are mounted and their owners. In the 20th century, the modern bicycle became increasingly popular as a means of individual transport suitable for the masses. And thus the need to make oneself noticed increased as well. Read more

John Richard Dedicoat had the idea for the small and mostly round eye-catcher mounted on the handlebar and operated from there. So he patented the bicycle bell in 1887

With this useful accessory you can warn other road users in time and thus give yourself a free ride. For these reasons, in some countries bicycle bells are even required by law for participation in road traffic

At our shop you will find bike bells in many different shapes and colors - retro bicycle bells, electric bicycle horns, MTB bells or loud bike bells for your racer. Take a look and discover our diverse range of bicycle bells!

Find your perfect bicycle bell

A bicycle bell should not only be loud, but can also be an accessory that fits the design of your bike. At BIKE24 you will find a wide selection of designs, patterns and colors

Those who prefer it to be subtle will also find small bells that nevertheless produce a loud, easily perceptible sound. If you rather like it colorful, you will find multi-colored anodized bells or stylish motif bells with polka dots, checkerboard patterns or plant designs.   

Retro bicycle bells are the ideal choice for your slim steel frame or fit perfectly into the sleek design of classic bikes. 

Do you remember the cheerful ringing of bicycle bells from old movies when the postman was riding his bike up the street? The so-called Ding Dong bells have remained true to their design and still cut quite a figure on Dutch roadsters or nostalgic men's and women's bikes and bring a smile to people's faces. 

The importance of a loud bike bell in the traffic

Traffic noise has increased in recent years. That’s why, if you mount a bicycle bell on your bike, a loud bike bell is extremely important for the perception as a road user. Particularly loud are these bells, which are struck with a mallet and then produce a single tone. But keep in mind that high-pitched sounds are usually perceived less well by older people. So you should rather opt for a large bicycle bell or a Ding Dong (two-tone) bell with a wide bandwidth. 

Consideration for other road users is important not only in urban traffic. Even if you are riding your MTB off-road or your racing bike on endless roads through the countryside – a bicycle bell ensures safety and is a useful feature on every bike

Bells for racing and mountain bikes

cycle bell is an important warning device also when training on a country road or on a tour in the mountains, as a MTB bell for instance can prevent accidents and thus save lives. And let’s face it: it makes your gem even more versatile, as you can use it together with a lighting system and reflectors for commuting in everyday life.  

Meanwhile there are also particularly small or integrated bells, which can be very loud. Thus, they are a good compromise. In our shop you will find smart versions with a discreet clapper, which close seamlessly around the handlebar or special bells, which are integrated into the ahead cap. 

In contrast, there are smashing eye-catchers, such as models in the iconic cowbell design for the real racing feeling on your mountain bike or funny ones where the bell serves as shot glass, too. 

An electronic bicycle bell for your e-bike

The faster a vehicle becomes, the louder and therefore its warning signals should be audible earlier.   

E-bikes are increasingly becoming part of the road and traffic scene. Hence it is important that these also have a clearly audible bicycle bell, as other road users often underestimate their speed. Upgrading to a louder bike bell or more noticeable bell can be useful to ensure that you and others always reach your destination safely.

An electronic bicycle bell is usually operated conveniently at the touch of a button from the handlebar and is connected directly to the battery of the motor assisted bicycle. Particular cycle bells for speed pedelecs are provided with a certification mark, as they are subject to approval. 

Bike bells for Kids: maximum safety for little bikers

Obviously, a loud bike bell also belongs on the children's bike. Also, when playing with friends in front of the house, the bicycle should be roadworthy. At BIKE24 you will find a large range of horns and childrens bike bells for boys and girls with funny motifs and characters from children's films, books or comics.

Buy a bicycle bell online at BIKE24?

All bike bells offered by Bike24, whether it is a fancy retro bicycle bell, a discreet MTB bell, an electric bike horn or kids bicycle bells, you will find here. Take a look!