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Cycling with Your Smartphone – Mobile Phone Holders for Your Bike

For assistance in the event of a breakdown, as navigation support or for listening to music on the road – the smartphone has become a constant companion in our everyday lives. This has long been true when cycling as well: whether touring or for sport– your mobile phone is always with you. It is therefore no coincidence that special mobile phone mounts for bicycles are becoming increasingly popular. But what is actually important when choosing a bike mobile phone holder? And what are the differences between the numerous smartphone holders on the market? Read more

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The Smartphone in Day-to-Day Cycling Life

According to current market research data, around 62.3 million people in the UK use smartphones. In the 16- to 55-year-old age groups, the use of mobile devices is well over 90 percent. The situation is similar in most other European countries. According to estimates, around 485 million people across the continent currently own a smartphone – and the trend is rising sharply. Based on these figures, it is no coincidence that the mobile phone is now firmly part of our everyday lives. Your latest messages appear directly on your display via push notifications; you can conveniently edit emails on the move; and you can share photos with your friends in seconds. It is therefore hardly surprising that the mobile phone has long been a constant companion on the bicycle as well.

The smartphone offers many different functions on the bike. As a breakdown service, for example, when you need to find the nearest garage; as a navigation system to find the best route for the weekend tour with the family; or simply for listening to music or podcasts on long routes. Sporty types now even use their mobile devices for training. With the right apps, the smartphone becomes a virtual data collector and can be a great addition to a GPS bike computer. But that's not all: some e-bike manufacturers now also integrate the smartphone into their systems. Dedicated apps give the user a constant overview of the electric motor’s current status. They also help to keep the systems up to speed with an update function. In some cases they even serve as an analysis tool for errors.

The Advantages of a Phone Mount on Bikes

Smartphones are practical companions for cycling – but the best features are useless if you can't keep an eye on your mobile phone when you're out and about. After all, you want to be able to enjoy the landscape while cycling without having to constantly stop and rummage around in your jacket pocket for your mobile phone. The safety aspect also makes smartphone use difficult while cycling. After all, you are still a normal road user on a bike and cannot afford to be distracted by things happening in the virtual world.

This is where so-called mobile phone holders come into play. Whether on the handlebar, stem or frame – mobile phone holders for bicycles ensure that you always have your mobile phone to hand. They also hold the smartphone in place so that the phone is secure on the ride. It is not for nothing that mobile phone holders are now one of the most popular products in the cycling accessories sector. It is generally recommended that you use a mobile phone holder when using your smartphone on your bike. Essentially, there are four types of mobile phone holders: the open phone holder, the closed phone holder, the frame bag and the phone holder with battery.

Phone Holder for Bike – Which Is the Right One for Me?

The open mobile phone holder is the simplest variant of smartphone holder for the bicycle. It scores points with its light weight and is also very easy to attach to the bike. These usually use silicone straps to hold the mobile device in place. On many models, the bracket itself is also secured to the handlebars with silicone straps. The advantage of this design is that it can be mounted and removed quickly if you want to take the phone off the bike for a short time. Conversely, however, the smartphone is not as well protected as with other holders – such as the closed mobile phone holder.

Closed mobile phone holders for the bike are accordingly the second large product group in our overview. Here, the smartphone is placed in a suitable cover and is therefore protected from rain, wind and weather. The highlight: despite the protective cover, the display’s touch function still works on most models in the handlebar-mounted mobile phone holder range. You can therefore continue to use the smartphone through the protective film. So scrolling continues to work just as well as opening apps, typing on the display keyboard and using other touch functions. Closed mobile phone holders are usually slightly larger than the open models due to their cover. However, many products have additional features such as shock absorption. This additionally protects the smartphone, especially on bumpy rides.

The third large product group in the area of bicycle mobile phone mounts are the frame bags. These are small bags, such as those used for bikepacking. The specific feature of these bags is that they have an additional compartment which is specially designed for a mobile phone. That’s why these bags also often have a transparent film on the top. You can still see the display and continue to use the phone using the touch function. The mobile phone frame bags are, as their name suggests, usually mounted on the frame – for example on the top tube. Like the closed mobile phone holders, frame bags protect your mobile phone from rain and weather. As a bonus, there is additional storage space in the bag for other personal items – such as house keys, cash or a credit card.

The fourth and last group of bicycle mobile phone holders are so-called mobile phone cases with battery function. These products have a power bank integrated directly into the mobile phone holder for the bike. This increases the smartphone battery’s life and thus extends its usage time on tours. Some models also allow the use of an external power bank, which you can also mount on your bike using a bracket.

Bicycle Phone Holders – The Features to Look Out For

As the holders are not directly manufactured by smartphone manufacturers, they can be used for different smartphone brands and models in many cases. So not all mobile phone holders are the same – a fact that also applies to the functionality of the various models. There are four crucial points in particular that you should pay attention to for your purchase. The mounting options, the holder size and holder flexibility are worth looking at. The relevant features that the bicycle mobile phone holders offer alongside their main function may also be important factors for your purchase.

The mounting options refer to its placement on the handlebar, stem or frame. High-quality models can be finely adjusted to fit your bike’s individual clamp and tube diameters. This is particularly important because the smartphone should be firmly mounted on the handlebar at all times. This applies regardless of whether you are riding over bumpy cobblestones in the city or exploring a rocky trail on your gravel bike.

The size of the mobile phone handlebar mount also plays a decisive role in the purchase. After all, the dimensions of modern smartphones vary widely. Apple’s iPhone alone varies from 4.7" (iPhone SE) to 6.7" (iPhone 13). Accordingly, the range of mobile phone holders includes models tailored to specific phone sizes on the one hand, and multifunctional models for a range of very different smartphones on the other. To find out your smartphone screen’s measurement in inches, we recommend simply searching for your model on the internet. You should also be able to find the dimensions of your phone quickly on the respective smartphone manufacturer’s website.

For some users, the mobile phone holder’s flexibility is also a decisive factor. This refers to the extent to which you can move the permanently mounted holder or simply remove the smartphone. For example, some apps require a landscape display. Then it's useful if you can turn the phone 90 degrees. Many people even want a 360-degree rotation option so that they have complete flexibility when using their smartphone. In this context, the quick and easy removal of the smartphone is also important. We all want to be able to spontaneously stop and take a photo of a tour’s view from time to time. Or maybe you want to pop into the nearest supermarket for a quick pick-me-up on the way. If you can take the mobile phone off its holder quickly and easily then that makes it much easier to use.

A very important aspect for many customers in this context is also the accessibility of the mobile phone cover. An important purchase criterion might be, for example, that the mobile phone holder does not block the connector holes so that they remain free to use. Customers also often ask about the possibility of charging their smartphone on the move, even with the cover on. The good news is that with most modern models, the case is designed for the mobile phone to be used at any time. The connections are therefore almost always accessible. Difficulties can still arise: universal mounts don’t always cover every model perfectly despite their universal claim. Before buying, you should therefore find out exactly whether the respective holder is also recommended for your mobile phone model.

In addition, the specific features of the bicycle mobile phone cases also play a key role. One such feature is, for example, the touch capability of a closed holder. The shock-absorbing properties of a holder should also be mentioned here. Manufacturers integrate special dampers into such models to protect the smartphone even on very bumpy rides. Some mounts also offer charging functions that allow you to charge your smartphone while cycling and thus use it for longer. Depending on the model, this can work with both an integrated power bank and an external power bank. The latter can be inserted into its own holder on some models.

How Do I Attach the Bike Mobile Phone Holder?

With most models, there are various ways to attach the mobile phone holder to the bike. Besides the classic fastening with a Velcro or silicone strap, it is also important to check whether there is a screw thread. Some models also offer 360-degree rotation, so you can mount your smartphone in a variety of positions. Many mobile phone holders also allow adaptation to different handlebar widths. For example, this means you can attach your particular mobile phone case on a narrow road handlebar and a wide MTB handlebar using the same mobile phone holder.

Most companies use silicone straps or cable tie-like constructions for mechanical mounting. These ensure that the holder can adapt to different handlebar sizes and diameters. The material also ensures that the holder does not slip while cycling so you have a good view of your smartphone at all times. There are also a variety of models that attach to the handlebars with clamps and screws. Complex mechanical expertise is therefore not usually necessary when mounting bicycle mobile phone holders.

Which Apps Can I Use on My Mobile Phone While Cycling?

Once the mobile phone holder is mounted on the bike, you can get started right away. There is now a whole range of practical cycling apps that you can use on the move. Fitness trackers help you to record your sporting activities and then evaluate them. Navigation apps support you on your tour by allowing you to plan your route in advance and find the right way once you’ve set off. And roadside assistance apps provide you with tips in the event of a breakdown. In certain cases they even show you which bicycle tools you need to repair the problem.

In addition, with a smartphone on your handlebars you can of course also keep an eye on incoming calls or messages. NB: Despite the convenience of using your smartphone on your handlebars, we recommend that you still stop to answer calls or messages. The danger of carelessness in traffic increases all too quickly when you are distracted by your mobile phone.

Mobile Phone Holders on the Bike – Summary

So cycling with your smartphone can be practical – provided you have the right phone holder. This ensures that your smartphone is firmly attached to your bike during the ride. This gives you a constant and clear view of the display as well as the landscape in front of you. In addition, there is now a whole range of practical cycling apps you can use to plan your tours or find out traffic information even after you’ve set off. You should pay particular attention to the size of your smartphone (keyword: custom-fit case) to make sure you choose the right model. In addition, the holder’s mounting options, features and weather resistance are important. Once you have taken this into account, nothing stands in the way of a successful tour with your mobile phone.