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Cycling water bottles provide refreshment on the road

Even if it doesn't seem like it at first glance, choosing the right water bottle for your bike is extremely important for your next ride. A regular fluid intake during your activity is essential to keep your eyes on the price. Depending on duration, weather conditions and demands of your ride, fluid requirements can vary greatly. You should also consider the material of which your cycling bottle is made of when making your decision. Discover your new bicycle drinking bottle in the BIKE24 online shop! Read more

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Material and weight of bicycle drinking bottles

Bicycle bottles made of plastic, stainless steel or aluminium are widely used. Plastic drinking bottles are the lightest option and mainly used for road cycling. They convince with a low weight and good handiness. However, you should make sure that it does not contain any harmful softeners (BPA-free), which could possibly dissolve in liquids. In addition, a certain temperature resistance of cycling bottles is important if you are out on hot days - in this case it is advisable to avoid transparent or black colours.

Bicycle bottles made of stainless steel or aluminium, especially if double-walled, keep drinks cool or warm for longer. These are robust and durable, but slightly heavier than plastic. As a MTB drinking bottle or for your trekking bike, these bicycle bottles always cut a good figure. They can be easily stowed away in your backpack or cycling bag and usually have a higher capacity. Also the weight of the bottle is not so important on a MTB or trekking bike.

Mounting hydration bottles on your bicycle frame

In order to attach a water bottle to your frame, the lower tube or seat tube should have holes predrilled by the manufacturer including screws. These areas are easiy to recognize and that is where your bottle cage should be mounted. Your bicycle water bottle, which ideally has a standard diameter of 74 mm, is inserted into this holder. Furthermore you can choose a bottle holder which is also suitable for other sizes to stay flexible.

Please note that with road bike drinking bottles a holder attached to the saddle tube (side loader), should be better equipped laterally with the bottle, since it is usually very uncomfortable or even impossible to remove your bottle from its holder while riding.

Comfort, use and cleaning of bicycle drinking bottles

When riding a road bike you don't want to get off your bike every time you want to take a sip from your bottle. Therefore it is necessary that you can take the bicycle bottle out of its holder with one hand while riding. Thats when the "bite valve" comes into play. This valve is operated with teeth or lips while simultaneously pressing to drink. A screw cap is not suitable for use on a road bike because you lose sight of the road and traffic around you.

A plastic drinking bottle is suitable for riding a road bike simply because of its closure and weight. It should be handy, not too wide and not slippery, when your hands are wet or sweaty. In addition, a bicycle bottle should have external notches that allow for easy and quick storage in its bottle holder.

When touring on MTB or trekking bike, the "one hand principle" of bicycle water bottles is not decisive - you can quickly stop to refresh yourself. Depending on your preference, you can choose its type of closure yourself, because most bottles are compatible with different caps.

A thorough cleaning of drinking bottles after your ride, regardless of its material, is absolutely necessary. This applies especially to mouthpieces or caps. Ideally, your bottle is dishwasher-safe, so cleaning is easy and quick.

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