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The bicycle is a universal genius and it is impossible to imagine a life without it. It is becoming more and more important in terms of general options of mobility and is increasingly competing with the established means of transport. That is because it is getting more and more simple and common to use your beloved bike for the transport of your children or voluminous, heavy items. All you need is a trailer for your bike and you're ready to go. It depends entirely on your plans which trailer for bicycles you are going to choose in the end. Read more

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A child bike seat is simply perfect to quickly pick up your child from the kindergarten and to take them along on your bike. For the long distances, a kids bike trailer is more convenient. When transporting your weekly shopping or larger, bulky items, you will need an adequate cargo bike trailer. Similarly, if you want to take your aging dog on a long bike ride – a suitable dog trailer is simply the best option. You can find these and other bike trailers or bike seats for children in the BIKE24 online shop. Take a look and discover the most suitable bike trailer for you!

Bike Trailers for Children – Ride Together with the Whole Family

For many there is nothing better than going out for a long bike trip or spending several days cycling across the country on their bike –– together with the whole family. Thanks to the invention of bicycle trailers for children that has never been easier. They can be used earlier than a bike seat for children and can usually be converted quickly and easily into a children's buggy or jogger's stroller for the after work run. Depending on the size, they can accommodate up to 2 children. To ensure a comfortable ride even when it's windy and rainy outside, accessories such as a sun or rain hood are advisable to purchase.

A robust chassis with a kind of roll bar and a rotating clutch protects your child when a crash is unavoidable and lighting elements as well as outside-mounted reflectors on the bicycle trailer provide additional safety. The longer the ride, the more valuable a trailer with suspension can be. Especially if you want to enjoy some off road feeling. Furthermore the kids bike trailer can also store additional luggage which allows you to fetch your daily groceries without worrying about where to put them. Find your perfect kids bike trailer in the BIKE24 online shop.

Bike Trailers for Dogs

Get ready for the next bike ride with everybody joining in – including your dog. Choosing the right trailer size is most important to making long rides possible, with your dog taking a seat in the dog bike trailer.

Additional suspension enhances the comfort for your dog and even allows you to take off road shortcuts easily. Fly screens and windows provide good ventilation, weatherproof outer fabric offers protection against wind and weather when needed and reflectors plus lighting ensure high visibility and safety on the road. You should keep in mind the option of installing an inner dog lead which is attached to the inside of the trailer to prevent ad hoc solo trips.

Find the dog-bike trailer of your choice in the BIKE24 online shop now!

Cargo Bike Trailers – Transport of Heavy Loads Made Simple

You feel like standing in traffic jams with your car after your weekly shopping is a waste of time? Why not simply turn your bike into an environmentally friendly and cost-effective vehicle by using a bike cargo trailer. It enables you to transport anything from groceries to bulky furniture and other heavy items - without the support of a combustion engine.

On top of that you are also doing something good for your health. Bike-mounted bags provide additional storage space and add a significant portion of flexibility.

First of all you should check whether your bike can be ridden with a trailer. You can usually find this information in the user manual or by getting in touch with the manufacturer directly.

You should also check whether you can easily fit a clutch to your bike. Disc brakes, reflectors and lighting mounted on the outside of the trailer, a well secured load thanks to tension belts and tarpaulins as well as a stable construction of the trailer ensure comfortable and safe riding. Useful accessories such as a rain cover when hitting bad weather make your life easier and keep your luggage dry.

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