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Pannier racks: the transport solution for MTBs, road bikes and other bikes

Shopping bags, school rucksack or panniers: whatever you want to carry on your bike, a pannier rack provides comfort and safety. It’s the practical solution for errands, excursions with family and friends, long-distance cycle tours and ambitious bike traveling. Pannier racks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes: as well as a rear bike rack, you can also go for a front bike rack like a lowrider or a seat post pannier rack for road and mountain bikes. The most suitable type of bike luggage carrier depends on the bike type. (mountain bike, road bike, trekking bike, city bike, kids’ bike etc). Read more

These questions will help you buy the right pannier rack

The choice of pannier racks is huge. These questions <strong>will help you</strong> find the right pannier rack ‒ for your road or mountain bike, for example:

  • What wheel size (in inches) is your bike?
  • What mounting options does your bike have?
  • What weight does the luggage rack need to take?
  • If it’s a rear bike rack: is there a rear light mount on your bike?
  • If you’re after a front bike rack: will the existing front light be compromised?
  • Do you need a spring flap for carrying smaller items?

Answering these questions will really reduce the number of possible pannier racks to choose from.

Front or rear bike rack?

In order to decide whether you prefer to have a rear or front bike rack you need to know: when is a front bike rack more suitable than a rear bike rack? General rule: the position of the pannier rack on the bike determines maximum load for one, and also affects handling ‒ and your choice of pannier rack can totally be about ride stability i.e. safety.

Standard pannier racks: the rear bike rack

The standard luggage carrier on many bike models is the rear bike rack. It’s usually mounted above the often already installed rear mudguard and perfect for transporting bigger items. It can usually take up to 25 kg. And you can also attach panniers and other items for transport with a bungee cord or spring flap. Special system pannier racks are particularly useful for city and trekking bikes: compatible bags or baskets can be snapped on and off the bike very easily.

Before buying one of these, you need to find out if your bike has the necessary mounting holes (also known as eyelets). You can ask our customer service team or the bike manufacturer about this. Road and pure cyclocross bikes hardly ever have pannier rack eyelets, but most gravel bikes do.

Front bike racks

The classic front bike rack fits over the front wheel and works like a rear bike rack. This form provides an easy transportation of a pizza, that’s why it is also called pizza rack. It’s mainly for smaller, compact transport items. If this “front loader” is mounted to the handle bars, you need to be really careful about weight, as heavier loads have a bigger impact on handling . And you need to ensure that the pannier rack doesn’t obscure your front bike light.

Special front bike racks: the lowrider

As the name implies, this type of rack is fitted to the seat post. This is a self-supporting rack which has no other points of contact with the bike. As it weighs little and attaches and removes quickly, this rack is highly recommended for road and mountain bikes. So a seat post rack is often an MTB or road bike rack. But there are a few disadvantages: seat post carriers can only take up to 10 kg, they reduce the off-road capability of an mtb and there is also a risk of swinging out due to uneven weight distribution. And aluminium only please: an expensive but vulnerable carbon seat post does not go with a pannier rack.

Choosing a pannier rack: what material?

Pannier racks are available in aluminium, steel and titanium. Steel is heavier, but can carry heavy loads and has a slim appearance. Aluminium bike lugagge carriers are lighter, but can’t take such heavy loads. Titanium pannier racks are offering the ideal weight to maximum load capacity ratio and also look really great.