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Challenge – Handmade Tires for Every Occasion

Challenge is an up and coming and dynamic brand that takes pride in developing and producing handmade tires. Challenge Tires are made from the best latex, polyester and cotton, resulting in a unique and high-performing tire. Incorporating handmade technology and modern-day technology has enabled products that support the demands of all athletes across the different disciplines. Outlined below are some of the products produced by Challenge.

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Challenge Limus Tires

The Challenge Limus tires are designed with deep knobs for pure, sticky mud and soft pack surfaces. To start with, the deep and wide knobs have the ability to squirt out mud from the tire, resulting in a self-cleaning effect. Moreover, the knobs also provide perfect grip and increased comfort, not to mention a decrease in the rolling resistance, especially on rough roads. The casing is made of polyester, which offers extra suppleness and low rolling resistance. The casing contains a puncture protection strip located between the casing and the tire and offers extra puncture resistance.

Challenge Limus folding and tubular tires are available in black and beige and weigh approximately 365 to 410 g. The tire width is about 33 mm. The tires can be fitted in bikes used for:

  • Cyclocross competitions
  • Trekking trips
  • Road biking
  • Off-road rides

Challenge Gravel Tires

The Challenge Gravel tires are designed for long rides over gravel roads. There are of course tubeless-ready versions. These gravel tires are fitted with the puncture protection system, which makes them highly resistant to punctures. Furthermore, the tires are designed with a flat tread in the middle. The tread helps to reduce the rolling resistance when riding sharp corners. The design also includes side knobs for more cornering grip. The casing is made from supple nylon with a puncture protection strip that provides extra protection against punctures. The tubeless tires require tubuless compatible rims, tubeless valves, tubeless rim tape, and sealing fluid for the installation. 

Challenge Almanzo

The Almanzo is designed for gravel roads and is the successor of the Grifo XS. The tire offers low rolling resistance, especially on gravel roads. The Almanzo has a casing that enhances traction and cornering on loose gravel. The casing also makes your ride more comfortable and easier to handle. The Almanzo tires are perfectly designed for everyday commuting, gravel racing, and cyclocross. The casing is made of polyester and is exceptionally supple. The casing also has double puncture protection, which provides extra protection against punctures. The tire width is 33 mm and the tire weighs approximately 390 to 450 g.

Challenge Paris-Roubaix Tires

The Challenge Paris-Roubaix tires allow you to ride smoothly and safely in the roughest terrains. The tire is fitted with a 300 TPI carcass and double puncture protection that prevents annoying stops. Available in a tubeless version, the Roubaix is one of the most comfortable tires to ride on and works excellently for training and racing. The tire is famous for performing well in the legendary Paris-Roubaix race, due to its suppleness, traction, cornering grip, low rolling resistance and ability to absorb shock. 

Challenge Strada Bianca Tires

The Challenge Strada Bianca tire is your go-to tire for long days on the road. The tire is designed in such a way to be suitable to endure all types of environmental conditions. The tire has features that allow you to have maximum control over your bike while riding. The Strada Bianca has a PI polyester casing which offers protection against punctures. The casing allows higher cornering speeds, especially on technical tracks. 

Since its establishment, Challenge has been at the forefront of designing, innovating and distributing bicycle tires that are highly reliable and perform exceptionally well. Challenge offers a wide variety of handmade tires, which are masterfully designed and manufactured.