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Salsa Bikes - Iconic Gravel-, Mountain- and Adventure-Bikes since 1982

Salsa Cycles offers all you need for your next bike adventure: high-quality frame sets and bikes as well as parts and accessories like handlebars, forks, carriers and bag systems. The cult brand with the chili pepper has everything your adventurer's heart desires.

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Salsa - Versatility, Durability and Uniqueness since 1982

Versatility, durability and uniqueness, these are the ingredients that make salsa bicycles a unique brand since the very beginning. The Californian label with the chili pepper was founded by the skilled carpenter Ross Shafer, who made frame building his profession in 1976 and rose to the position of chief technician at Santana Cycles in the early 80s. Inspired by the first mountain bikes, Shafer developed and built his own bikes from 1982 onwards; the Salsa brand was born. In addition to custom-made MTB frames made of socketless steel tubing, Salsa began to develop its own stems and handlebars to improve the fit of its frames. In 1997, Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) took over the cult brand, which also distributes Surly Bikes. During the transition period, Shafer Salsa remained as the chief frame designer, a position that is still reflected in the design and styling of the frames today. Now the chili pepper attracts attention especially with their agile gravel bikes and comfortable touring bikes as well as groovy MTB's and fat bikes.

Salsa Adventure- and Gravel Bikes - Classy Riding on Gravel and Asphalt

The All-Road range is the focus of the traditional Californian brand.  From race-suitable Gravel-Bikes like the Salsa Warbird Carbon to the ultra-rugged long distance tourers Vaya and Marrakesh, Salsa covers all demands one could have. The Salsa Warbird Carbon is based on Salsa's years of experience in some of the most important gravel events like the Almanzo 100, Dirty Kanza 200 and 340-Mile Trans Iowa. The Class 5 VR vibration damping system smoothes out any bumps and the Warbird frame geometry ensures that no watt is lost on the way to the finish line.
The rugged Salsa Stormchaser Single Speed Gravel frame is designed for the roughest conditions with proper tire clearance, stainless steel scuff plates on the inside of the carbon fork and internal cable routing. The innovative sliding dropouts allow you to tension the chain or adjust the wheelbase to your needs. The versatile aluminum frame, which can also be ridden with single drives, is also equipped with all necessary eyelets for fenders, luggage rack and bottle holders.
The Vaya is Salsa's all-purpose machine for endless road adventures. Whether asphalt or gravel, thanks to the robust CroMoly steel frame and the lightweight Waxwing carbon fork, this allroad touring bike feels at home anywhere.
The stable Salsa Marakesh is your ideal companion for long journeys of discovery with heavy luggage. The Salsa Cobra Kai CroMoly tube set used on the Marrakesh is designed for extreme stability while still being lightweight. The deep-seated bottom bracket ensures a low center of gravity and thus outstanding riding stability. And the Marrakesh naturally comes with all the options you need to store your luggage practically where you like.

Salsa Mountainbikes - Adventure by Bike

Whether on the home trail, in the high mountains or in the deep winter of Alaska, Salsa has been passionately pursuing a mission for almost 30 years: to make your bike the ideal companion for any adventure. The specialist for all demands is the Salsa Fargo, a drop-bar mountain bike that feels at home on any terrain. For this purpose the Cobra Kai CroMoly frame and the Firestarter 110 carbon fork are suitable for 27,5+ (650B+) as well as for 29″ tires. Depending on your preferences you can use a suspension fork with up to 100 mm travel or convert to belt drive. The premium version of the Fargo is the Fargo Ti titanium frame set. Whether it's a weekend trail ride or a world tour, the Fargo Ti can do it all, brings unparalleled riding comfort and looks incredibly good.
For the long distance, Salsa has developed the Cutthroat. Equipped with Class 5 VRS damping and plenty of tire clearance, it provides comfort and smoothness with maximum performance on demanding gravel passages. The carbon frame also offers enough space for several bottle holders, bags and other equipment.
Salsa's experience with MTB hardtails is reflected in the Salsa Timberjack. The modern trailbike geometry allows you to fly through tight curves without any effort. If your route is more tour-like, the adjustable Alternator frame dropouts allow you to ride your Salsa Timberjack more smoothly.
The Mukluk is Salsa's versatile fat bike all-rounder. Whether you use it for winter trail riding, bikepacking in unexplored areas, or snow and sand racing, this MTB with ultra-wide tires has no limits. The versatile 26" Fatbike is equipped with numerous mounting options for racks and bags and offers you countless tire options thanks to replaceable dropouts.