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AXA Folding Lock 600

AXA Folding Lock 600

The AXA foldable 600 series is suitable for all kinds of bikes.
With multiple pivots the hardened steel segments are easy to handle. The bracket has a diameter of 6.5mm and with its 95cm length, a bike is easily attached to fixed objects.

The cylinder is sealed against dirt and moisture with a cover which expands the locks lifetime.
The international online key-service offers the opportunity to order a spare key at any time. The foldable lock comes with a neoprene sheath and easily be transported in the mountable, shapely bracket.
Dimensions in mm (L/W/H): Length: 950mm

Fact Sheet of AXA Folding Lock 600

Product Name: AXA Folding Lock 600
Manufacturer: AXA
Item Code: AXA246779
activity: Cycling
locking style: Key
lock version: Folding Locks
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black, Orange
weight: 850g
manufacturer item code: black: 59800295SB
orange: 59800395SB
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Lock Length: 95cm
Manufacturer page: